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I nurse past two because she is a baby and she needs the nutrition. She still nurses several times a day and several times at night. It doesn't bother me for the most part and I could care less what anyone else thinks.
Please don't make your child be "different" if it's not medically related. I was that "different" kid and it sucked! I'm still in therapy.
Yes. I've had an affair while married (ex-H) w/ a married man. It's really hard to explain, but this guy could always manipulate me and make me come back to him. It's actually one of the reasons I moved across the country. I still think about him and seek out people who know him to see how he is. Do I feel guilty about it? No. At the time it was a sign of bigger issues, like a PP said. When I left to move he told me I would be back there with him in six months. It's been...
I think in their last special he was like 20 years old. I thought it was a little weird that he was still living at home at that age. I thought they would all be married off in their late teens. He has to be around 23 now.
We don't do sleepovers and if this came up in my family the answer would always be no. Now, I totally don't agree with her reasoning, concerning your son, but I think this is probably just an excuse and you should not worry about it at all. I also think that in this situation I would try to cool the friendship down for awhile.
The other day my car wouldn't start after I had stopped to put gas in it. My daughter and I were trying to push it away from the pumps and one guy came over and helped us. It meant so much to me. Great story. I'm glad there is still good people in the world.
I'm sorry Mama. You are not able to sleep through the nursing? I think most people are gonna tell you that you might want to night wean. It would be hard for a few days and then get better, from what I hear. Hugs to you.
I adore Ikea. I wish we had a White Castle or a Sonic near us. I know, disgusting, but I grew up on that stuff and I crave it, baaaaaaaaad.
I'm not sure how something completely natural could cause problems? Anyways, I have a 21 month old that always falls asleep nursing (except in the car). So far, no problems. Just lots of love.
Oh Mama, I couldn't imagine. I know it will turn up.
New Posts  All Forums: