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to StephandOwen
yuck mama, your poor little one. Hope they stop soon.
Can't wait!!!!
Roseanne Lost Star Trek The Next Generation . . . . hmm that's what comes to mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dame We have one of these and it has been a life saver when DD fell asleep in the car but would wake up soon after. We just put her car seat on the frame and she's nap for another 30-45 minutes. When she was really little, she liked to nap in the swing itself. But we never used it more than once or twice a day. Now we use it maybe once or twice a week. I think that is the key with anything mama, you make a perfect...
I completely understand the idea of wondering if you are not going to come up with all the money you need to pay the bills. That is a major stress that comes with WAH, until your business is booming of course. I'd try and have a nice little nest egg that you could raid in the event that you had a month where you didn't get the work that you thought you would. Staying a month ahead of the bills really saves me a ton of stress. Also if you have a plan B (which probably would...
Congrats mama, that's awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by ainh Well. I didn't "take advantage" of this nursing strike to wean DS. I was so engorged tonight that I really worked to get him on. It took awhile and he was really weird about it at first. After a weird initial minute he got right back into it. I hate to admit that part of me probably would've been a bit pleased to be done with nursing. I would love to guiltlessly eat some of his allergens (which I did today when he...
I always thought it would be neat to NIP while grocery shopping. I have but not with a sling, just finding a place to sit in the store. Way to go.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mama2Bug I don't have any real solution to the tv problem, but as far as the little one getting into activities goes- Do you have a bouncy seat or even a highchair that the little guy can sit in? That way, he can watch and be talked to and feel part of, but he can't actually touch big brothers art/toy/puzzle. DD loved to sit in her bouncy seat on the coffee table and watch everyone play a board game or whatever, as long as...
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