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Mal, I fourth what Ash said!  Please don't hold back (this goes for anyone).   Amanda, I forgot to say I missed you and welcome back!  I really, really missed you!   Abra, do you know if your MIL's system remineralizes?  It sounds like probably not given your symptoms.  Our new house has an RO system without remineralization.  It seems crazy to me!  So, we don't drink the water until if/when I put in a new system.  Also, a lot of municipalities are looking into...
Sara, yay for free, fresh water near your house!   Abra, our RO system is a point of entry system so all the house water is processed.  When the water goes to the kitchen, it hits another filter (to filter out anything the water picked up in the pipes) and the kitchen filter has a bed that the water goes through that is full of minerals.  At that point, the processed water picks up minerals and is safer to drink.  The remineralization bed also alkalizes the water without...
Mal, I am so sorry!  I'll be thinking of you and your mom.
Wow, Joanie, that is so awful! I am so sorry! Were there any indications she would do something like this? If she really felt this way, why didn't she speak to you constructively? I am so sorry!! Ou r spring is far, but a local cafe has organized water runs every other week. Otherwise, I couldn't do it. Jaimee, a hotel????
I'm way behind on reading posts.  I've been sick.  :-(  Not a good ideas to try to read backwards!!!!  None of the posts make any sense!   Abra and Joanie, we have an RO system.  You can't drink from it if it's an RO system without remineralization beds.  Our kitchen water goes through a remineralization bed to remineralize the water.  BUT that is seriously dead water, and I believe in a varied water diet!  So we drink raw spring water collected in rural CT, as well as...
Ash, Dave Matthews would be cool! I love the CSN story. I have a friend with a story like that, but it was Willie Nelson's house.
Omg Katie! What did you do. Any theories on who she was? I have a ghost story to tell too! Ash, it's just because i live near NYC. But I forgot Leonardo DiCaprio and Nicole Kidman. LD filmed a movie scene across the street from my house. They photoshopped out the houses on my street and turned it into a NYC street. Nicole Kidman was in a film around the block. Everyone said she was super nice. Also Kate Winslet, and everybody said she was not very nice.
I think I should get a Most Improved prize for posting. Nicole, we need a Layla pic. I'm not a very exciting stalkee, but you could come visit and we could stalk some real celebs. Now, here are true celeb stories for you: I nearly backed my car into Ralph Lauren at the grocery store. He honked at me! You can't miss him. He drives a yellow car, loves Dunkin Donuts, and has a crazy white mane of hair. I stood in line at the grocery store behind Mike Meyers once. My...
Abra, such a cute dog! 
Yes to walking down the stairs forward facing.  DS fell down a few stairs yesterday.  He always carries something in his hands; yesterday it was a jump rope, which he tripped on while walking down the stairs.  It is totally nerve wracking.   Anyone have experience raising guinea fowl?
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