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  Me as a young mama with my first kid, who is now 14!  
  These kids are now 14 & 11. :)
Hi Newbian Mama! Good to know there's someone else nearby on here. :) What agency are you going through? I signed up for the CPR/First Aid recert through Red Cross, I think it's in Berkeley. I've already got kids, so I look for most kid details naturally, but the regulations have me looking at things that I don't often worry about with my bio kids, plus just thinking about how many people we'll have in the house! I need a BIG pantry and plenty of storage in the...
Here in Alameda County (California) they say there is 90 days from submitting your paperwork for them to finish the licensing process.   We went to the orientation and now we're signed up for their PRIDE classes in March. I'm getting recertified for CPR/First Aid in March too. We're trading our truck for a 5 passenger car, since my car has broken down twice in the last year. Things are coming together.   Our down sides are that we're in the middle of moving...
We're going to move to a bigger house before we get too far into the licensing process, but I've already begun planning this out. I think I will put a twin bed and a crib in the room along with just generally setting it up as a children's room with books and toys and a nice energy to it. Plus I'll set the closet up to have storage of extra clothes, diapers and other supplies that might be needed for a kid who shows up with nothing.   We're likely to take in a...
  Last August, single mama with two amazing attachment parented kids.  
  10 1/2 years ago, falling in love with my second child  
  off-grid mountain homeschooled siblings playing chess & finger knitting
  homeschooled siblings learning to work together  
I have a very low income and get most of my kids activities paid for by their state-funded charter school. I also belong to at least 2 or 3 yahoo groups, which means 2 weekly local park days plus several other parent planned activities and field trips for various costs. When the charter school funds run out, I find other ways. I am currently doing work trade with the place my kids take circus skills classes because they love it that much.   My DS has one very close...
New Posts  All Forums: