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Quote: Originally Posted by Savoir Faire I LOVE IT! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! Please come to my house! I totally copy my ideas from another mom. I link to her blog in my blog post. I think she is an MDC mom as well!
Here is our "Learning Room". We LOVE it! http://intotheirhearts.blogspot.com/...g-room_17.html
Would you recommend the gray block paper from HWOT when using their K program? What is it useful for?
I am looking for a calendar to hang in our school room. My kids are 1 and 4. Does anyone have any links to where to purchase one? Any recommendations? Thanks!
Ah....you are "Satori Smiles" mom aren't you?! :-) I just made Learning Room modeled after your Reading Room! You were my inspiration! I had heard that the pattern is in the back. But there is a guy online that makes and sells upper and lower case letters so I was wondering if it might be nice to have lower case letters, even though HWOT doesn't specifically use lower case wood pieces. You are right about how fast some children learn though. The wood pieces would just...
Are the wood letter pieces for HWOT really useful? I have a 4yr old son who will be doing HWOT Kindergarten level. He's already great with his letters and writes really well for his age from memory (without copying letters from another page). Then I have a 1 year old that will someday obviously learn handwriting in the future. I have the opportunity to buy wood letter pieces and am deciding 1-if I want them at all 2-if I want just capital letters or 3-if I want lower...
Quote: Originally Posted by caefi math u see says one-ty one, etc but, he also explains how it's counted and what it represents are different i'm not sure what your concern is, exactly. My concern would be if then a child would never count or never want to count by actually saying "eleven, twelve, thirteen, etc" Like I said, one mom said her child still wants to count like that. But at some point, people need to know to say "eleven, twelve,...
Which math counts like this ?? 11 "one-ten-one" 12 "one-ten-two" If it is Singapore, which I am considering Singapore or Math Mammoth, then is this type of counting odd? When do they make the switch over to regular counting? I hear a homeschool mom say that her older daughter still wants to count like that, instead of saying "eleven, twelve". Does Math Mammoth count like this? Or is it some completely other program so I do not need to "worry" about it?? i do...
Was the set you purchased on ebay enough for 2 kids? So therefore enough to split between 2 families if we are each using them for 1 kid?
Could 2 families split/share the HWOT Wood pieces? There are so many pieces that come in the set, do you really need that many? I read somewhere that there is enough for 3-6 kids, is that true? I'm not sure if the source on that information was credible or not. Thanks, Laura
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