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We have been CDing for 6 years now. Thankfully my 25 month old potty learned at 20 months and we have been diaper free for a while, but have all of our stash still. I will need a few Newborn items, but we are set to go. We use mostly goodmamas and wool. But do have some pocket diapers for going out. I cant wait to CD a newborn again!
I love some of the names you ladies have chosen. We are liking Drew Reese for a girl and Glenn Michael (named after our fathers) for a boy. The girls name may change, because we already have 4 girls and I am sick of choosing girls names...But the boy name is pretty much set in stone.
We are due 11/19. My last baby was born at 34w5d due to IUGR. Hopefully that wont be an issue. My 3 other children were Due date babies. So I am thinking we will have a baby on the 19th/20th unless we have a growth issue again...praying we wont!
Thanks for the warm welcomes! :
Hi! I am Katie. My DH and I have been married for 11 years now and have 4 beautiful girls and one awesome son. we have had a tough journey TTC #6 and have had 2 losses this past year. We are confident this is a nice sticky bean though. We are hoping for a boy this time around, but will gladly take a girl as well. We are aiming for a homebirth, but not sure it is in the cards until I speak to some midwifes because of money issues. So nice to be joining you!
Can I please be added? EDD of November 19th. :
HI ladies! Wanted to join you. We are cautiously expecting #6 after 17 months of TTC and 2 early losses. Our EDD is November 19th. Our first November baby. I used to post over here a lot when I was a part of the March 2007 DD club, it is nice to be back!
I am due 2/4-2/7. Just got my BFP today! I have not been on the mothering boards since i had my March 2007 baby. But it feels good to be back. I spend to much time on Diaperswappers. I am still nursing my 14 month old. We have four daughters and one son. We are praying for a boy this time around. Congrats to all the Feb. mamas!!
I like Warren! It is so cute! FWIW my family hates my kids names except for my first which is Olivia. The others are: Veda Raine Francis (Franky, DS) Jacob Wendy Ryan-Elizabeth JoHannah Renee Some people are just mean! Go with what YOU want. It is all that matters in the end!
Good! Thanks so much I have stripped everything and taken pictures and put in ziplocks right away. I dont smell anything. It was only 2 packages I sent out that smelled. I sent like 15 packages last week. I have emailed everyone about the issue and everyone is OK. I did refund 2 items though. I am going to relist everything tomm. Thanks ladies!
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