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Would they fit on a shelf in a bookcase?
I have sold some jewelry at a gold/coin shop and did well.  I recently freecycled a bridesmaid dress I've had for just over 8 years.  I paid over $100 for it and it was really pretty but I tried it on recently and it didn't fit me right.  Plus I only wore it at the wedding.  I kept thinking maybe some day I'd need it for a formal event but that has not happened nor does it look likely.
What about a cotton braided rug?  I believe those are non-toxic.  I have one and love it.
I love that having less dishes means that it's impossible to get so far behind in washing that I get overwhelmed.  I used to line the counter with dirty dishes.  Now I don't have enough pots to procrastinate on washing.  I run the dishwasher every night and empty it in the  morning after the big kids get on the school bus.  We only have a few cups and they are different looking so that each person has an assigned cup and we know whose is whose.  No need to have an entire...
My husband works and I stay home.   We've been on snap for years and its no problem.
Congrats on the scholarship thatgirliknew!   The foodstamp gods are smiling on me this month.  It's the 23rd and I still have $69 left!  Normally they are all gone at this point.  And that's even with the reduction this month.  And the town welfare officer gave me a $75 giftcard to the grocery store for Thanksgiving so I still have that left to use.  She also ordered me a fresh turkey to pick up on Wed.  I've never had a fresh turkey before!  I'm feeling very rich this...
http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/bcccs/treatment.shtm   Here, this might help.
When I was on it about 8 years ago (in NH) it was just a very small program so it was run by a nurse up in Concord.  The social worker at the low income clinic helped me apply.  You had to fill out an application and she sent you your card in the mail.  It wasn't a regular plastic Medicaid card, it was a laminated piece of paper.  Any doctor or pharmacist had to bill the program directly and not the regular Medicaid program. I had it 6 months at a time and then had to...
Micah Mae just wanted to make sure you know about the Breast and Cervical Cancer Medicaid program just in case your ex drops you from insurance.  I had pre-cancerous cervical cells with baby number one and after she was born I was on BCCP Medicaid for a year.     So how do you guys deal with relatives on facebook who post crap about "freeloaders" who get government assistance?  I normally unfriend people for that but not if they are relatives.  My Dad is one of the...
I'm sorry Zebra, that's pretty rotten of them to hold the money so long   I loved that "those people" blog post!  I posted it on facebook today.  I hate the assumption that all low income people don't know how to eat healthy or use gourmet foods.
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