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I try to almost never use the oven, it costs so much money.  I use the toaster over and crockpot and rice cooker for a lot of things.  I have a secondhand bread machine that cost $5 and I don't think that uses much electricity.   I hang my laundry as much as I can.   I coupon and save the most on non-food items like batteries and toilet paper.  I also got a lot of stuff cheap through the Frontier co-op.   I get my kids toys and clothes from the free table at...
I get good organic/natural coupons from mambosprouts.com  We eat mostly organic and my kids have food allergies so I often email companies asking them to mail me coupons.  I often go out to my mailbox and find 2 or 3 envelopes of coupons waiting for me :)  I also get on mailing lists for things like Silk coconut milk and the Driscoll's berries.  Lots of companies will have printable coupons on their site, Mary's Gone Crackers and Seeds of Change are two of them.
Foxsmama does your state have the Safelink phone?  I used to have one until mine broke.  I think I was getting 52 minutes/month or something.
We've been eating a lot of egg fritattas.  I put some EVOO in the pan and then saute whatever leftover veggies I have plus whatever the garden is bearing (onion, chives, spinach, tomatoes, zuchini, etc.) and then lightly scramble in some eggs and a bit of cheese. 
I agree, as beautiful as dried flowers are I won't keep them in my home because of the death energy.  But the main reason is, they aren't making you happy.  And there's no point in keeping something that doesn't make you feel wonderful to look at it.  So give yourself permission to compost them!
I have purple and turquoise and they look so good together!  I have found that they hold up better than other brands of dishes.  I think Amazon sells them for about $25/setting.  My Mom bought me some from Kohls on sale but they only have the sets with the teacups.  Next time I get some I want to get the ones with the mugs.
I haven't tried it yet but I'm going to order some soap nuts soon for doing laundry.  I was reading that you can boil them on the stove and use the liquid for the dishwasher.  Right now I'm using the Ecover dishwasher tablets and I was reading a website that gives revies on natural stuff and it rated it as low toxicity.  But I'm thinking the soap nuts will be a better alternative so long as they work well.
I've started using our doors for storage.  I got a hanging organizer for the inside of my living room closet door and all of our winter accessories are stuffed in each pocket. I put flashlights and my umbella in the exta pockets.  Then I put over the door hooks on the same door and on the outside of the door I'm hanging my purse and both of the kids' backpacks.  I'm planning to get more organizers for the other doors in the house too. 
My son just started preschool on an IEP Monday and yesterday was his first day taking the bus.  They sometimes use a short bus, other times a van.  He was so excited!  My DD is in kindergarten and her friend comes to school on the "short bus" and she thinks it's cool that she gets a bus all to herself :)  I'm not sure if the stigma is still there in the older grades.
You could do a search for blogs of people living in RV's since that is a tiny space. I like www.walkslowlylivewildly.com
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