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Hi, I'm Sara, 32, and feeling really overwhelmed about what to eat!  I was a vegetarian for a long time then attempted to eat WAPF.  I just felt icky eating all that animal food so I recently went back to being a vegetarian.  I'm also attempting to cut out milk products and eggs.  Both of my kids have food allergies - wheat, milk, eggs, and peanuts.  I can make vegan meals and I can make GF meals but to combine the two is really overwhelming me!  We don't care much for...
I tacked up a long piece of yarn to my huge living room wall and took clothespins and hung up the kids' artwork on it.  I also have garland/bunting things that hang across the rooms.  It's fairy cheap to buy and makes the house feel really homey.  I'm saving up for a huge batik one on Etsy that I want to run across my kitchen/dining room ceiling.  Also you can buy large canvases on sale at a craft store and make homemade art to hang up.  It would really help with those...
I make fried rice a lot.  I just throw in olive oil, rice, garlic, some Bragg's aminos and whatever frozen veggie I have (peas, carrots, corn, spinach, asparagas, broccoli, etc.)  I like the idea of having batches of rice frozen and ready to go!  I think I'm going to have to stock my freezer with some.
Some snack recipes I have planned for this week include nutritional yeast coated kale chips and some little truffle things made from cocoa, cashews and dates.  Yesterday I made some vanilla cinnamon vegan tapioca pudding and it was so delicious.
I really need to organize my whole kitchen.  I think I'll work on that this month!
I've been looking for awhile but haven't found one yet!  Any ideas? 
1 green pepper 1 red pepper 1 onion 1 jar of sliced jalepenos 1 can of tomato sauce 2 cans of kidney beans 1 jar of salsa     throw it in the crockpot and it's sooo yummy
Can you pack it away inside an empty suitcase?
Someday I want to get the Prudent Places USA book to figure that out.  The book comes on a computer disk and it's supposed to give info on things like that.  Right now I'm looking into moving to Colorado.
I think it's doable.  Babies don't take up much space and they don't truly require much stuff.  I had my first while living in a super tiny one bedroom apartment, not much bigger than a studio.  Can you get a Safelink phone?  They now offer 250/minutes a month and that's all I have for a phone. You might be able to eliminate your phone bill.  Also a co-sleeper or packnplay could be good for if you can't keep the dog off the bed.  There are many church charities that...
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