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Okay, so I know there are probably no really inexpensive organic clothes, inens and pillows. But where is the cheapest place to get them? I've been doing tons of internet searches and I haven't ordered anything yet. I would really like sheets, in twin and queen, a few pillows, and some basic clothing. Any suggestions?
I definately agree on the knitting lessons! I told DH I want lessons, but they have to come with the promise of him watching DD! Art supplies would be good too, like canvases and high quality paints. I would love a gift certificate to a restaurant. I'm pregnant and get cravings for elaborate meals I don't have the energy to cook.
I use the heavy setting on my frontloader, then put vinegar in the tray for fabric softener. It automatically does a second rinse for me.
I use sweet almond oil. I think it really helps!
I found instructions to make natural dyes from veggies and fruits, but before dyeing it calls for mixing up cream of tartar and potassium alum to make the dye set. I went to a craft store and all they had was urea and soda ash. I googled potassium alum and couldn't find anywhere to buy it. Does anyone know if the soda ash would work just as well to set the dye?
With DD I was at a low-income clinic seeing a great midwife. She went on maternity leave about 6 weeks before I was due so I had random doctors from that point on. I had taken hypnobirthing and water birth classes, wanted everything totally natural. When I got to the hospital it was one intervention after another. They kept telling me I wasn't dilating fast enough so they broke my water for me. I was supposed to have a water birth but there was meconium so they said I...
Happy Thanksgiving to you too! We went to Maine and had a great time with the family. There were so many of us we had to put two large table together. My cousin made the most amazing cheesecake for dessert!
I didn't want to be touched either. I just wanted silence to focus on my hypnobirthing CD and be in "the zone". DH kept trying to get me to drink water every other minute because that's what they told him to do in the childbirth class. I finally just yelled out "everyone leave me alone!!!" I called my mom when I first went into labor because I needed someone to come pick up my dog. She insisted on coming to the hospital even though I kept telling her not to come. ...
Thanks all so much for your replies!
DD is up for a WIC recert in December. This will be my first one since my decision to no longer vax. She is vaxed through 12 months and I did not take her for her 15 month ones which she is past due for. One of the requirements to recert is to bring in her immunization record. I was thinking of leaving it at home (since there is nothing new on it) and just telling them I forgot it and lie and say she is vaxed. Not sure what to do. I don't want them to take my WIC away...
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