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Thanks so much for all your info! I can't wait to start up with my healthier diet. tryingagain: yes, I'm going to put up a tree but I am nervous about it! It's going to be a small one and there will be no breakable ornaments on it. DD just loves to get into stuff! She loves to climb too.
I got terrible ones with DD. It's as if someone drew a perfect circle on my tummy and filled it in with a roadmap. I used cocoa butter and avacado oil and I still got them. My goal this time is to keep them from getting worse! I'm up for any ideas.
I'm also eating grapefruit! One a day with a handful of grapes. Also toasted onion bagels covered in cheddar cheese and strawberry/blueberry milkshakes (no ice cream, just milk).
I have a front-loader and I use almost 1 teaspoon of Biokleen, half a teaspoon of bs and vinegar in the rinse cycle. I wash with warm water and set it for an extra rinse. I usually wash 9 diapers at a time and they come out great! I pop them in the dryer for abour 15 minutes on high and if it is sunny out I line-dry.
I really think this baby is a girl. I haven't decided yet about an ultrasound. With DD I just knew she was a girl and sure enough she was! I really hope this one is a girl too because they will be sharing a room and I already have all the girl clothes!
My sense of smell is getting so strong I can tell immediately when DD has a wet diaper. I can smell dirty dipes through the whole house now, I'm having to wash them more often. I can only imagine what the laundry situation will be like have two little ones to CD...
I know exactly what you mean! There are days that I feel angry, for no reason at all. Luckily my Mom lives next door so I can drop DD off with her when my mood gets really bad. Hang in there!
I save old calendar pages for small gifts. For larger one I use paper bags decorated with collaged pictures from magazines people are done with. Sometimes I embellish with ribbon. My mother uses stamps dipped in different inks to decorate presents wrapped in paper bags.
With DD it didn't end until the beginning of the 5th month. Eating gingersnaps helps a little.
I yelled at my best friend's boyfriend because I was drunk! This is too funny...
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