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Ours is 1050 square feet.  Two adults, two kids and a dog.  Its' a bit bigger than what we need.
Glad to see everyone is making so much progress.  Yay for homes being sold and rented!  Zebra, hope you can find a job soon.  We've lived with the parents and it was really tough.  I sympathize.   Last time we sold a house I had an infant.  She was 9 months old when it finally sold.  I remember the realtor was really pushing for the house to be perfectly clean at every showing.  It was really unrealistic.  I had some hoarding issues back then and it was a little 750...
My kitchen is halfway cleaned and most of the dishes are done.  I've also got more stuff put into the pile for Saturday's yard sale. 
You can buy seeds and plants too. I use mine to buy potted herbs.  I think I read you can buy fruit trees with it also.  Although not many stores that take SNAP sell garden kind of stuff.  I know you can't get hot prepared things like a rotisserie chicken.  I'm a bit unsure on prepared sandwiches.  I sometimes buy cold prepared wraps and sandwiches at the health food store and it's fine.  But I tried to buy a sandwich at another store and they told me it wasn't allowed. ...
When I downsized I looked around at what could be packed up for long term storage then decided that since I really wasn't using those things that I could just get rid of them.  So aside from a box of seasonal decorations and some craft stuff and photo albums, I pretty much regularly use everything that's left.  The kitchen was the easiest to sort through for me so you might want to start there first.
I didn't know the USPS didn't cover books with insurance   I hate how companies don't gurantee their services/prodcuts anymore.  DH ued to haul mail for the post office and they had a huge bin at the processing center that was full of any package that got opened.  They sent the bins off to get destroyed and those bins were constantly full of  packages.  He saw all kinds of expensive things in there too.  Such a huge waste
If you spend down your savings by paying ahead on your mortgage for however many months then that will take care of the asset part of applying for assistance.  Plus you'd have documentation to show where the money went. In the meantime can you visit a food pantry?  And if you get turned down for assistance while on severance pay you can always reapply when it ends.  WIC has a more generous income limit, maybe you can at least get that?  You can also look up the income...
Zebra that sucks about the boxes   Do they offer insurance to pay for replacing the books if they don't turn up? Worthy that is exciting about the mystery property!   Our multi-family yardsale is this Saturday and I'm doing last minute preparations.  I've decided to get rid of most of the CD's I had left because realistically I just listen to Pandora most of the time.  I even went through the kids' art stuff and checked to see what markers were dried up that can be...
I get a funky bluish stain in our sink.  Not sure if it's hard water or what. I use a generic magic eraser (an unscented one!) and it works so well on the blueish stains plus the regular soap scum.
I sold a condo about 6 years ago and I threw away the closing paperwork almost immediately.  I had no idea I was supposed to save it!   I guess I take my need to declutter to a crazy level sometimes.  I do like the idea of scanning it so you aren't stuck hanging on to the papers for so long.
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