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I pretty much just save the health reference books for herbs, homeopathy and fermenting.  And I have one that has hiking trails for where I live.  I can get most anything else from inter-library loan.
What about one of those stores where they sell it on ebay for you?  This way you don't have any of the work of it and you still get some of the money.  They could maybe package it in lots so it will move quicker.  Or if there's a metaphysical shop near you they may be interested in buying the whole lot of it.
I've been doing this too.  I did our bedrooms but next I need to focus on the kitchen.  I was thinking of getting some of those organizers that helps you see what you have for canned goods.  So much food gets lost in the back of the cabinets and then I buy more without realizing we already have it.  My pantry cabinet is a huge disaster!  No one can ever find anything. 
Zebra :hug   I felt so motivated today!  DH and I took some scrap to the dump and I moved some other stuff to our burn pile.  I also posted at old woodstove on CL in the free section and I'm supposed to have someone come haul it away tomorrow.  We still need to get our broken grill to the dump and my Dad said we can borrow his truck so DH said he would take care of that Thursday when the dump is open next.  And I reposted my things I have for sale on Craigslist to...
Worthy you are doing amazing!    
It sounds like he may have leaky gut but has healed enough to start introducing dairy.  I'm hoping to reintroduce dairy to my kiddos soon. 
Oh and I almost forgot there is a cute children's museum in Peterborough called the Mariposa.
Welcome to the area!  We have a winter farmers' market that meets every other Saturday at the town hall in Milford.  Beaver Brook is located in Hollis with lots of trails for walking in the woods.  There's also Mines Falls in Nashua for taking walks.  For theaters there is the Amato Center in Milford and the Palace Theater in Manchester.  Not far away in Westford, MA is the Butterfly Place.  It's a gorgeous indoor butterfly garden and it's where I got married.
I would sell or donate it.  It just seems a waste to hold on to it if it's not going to be used any time soon.  Plus when people buy used then it keeps them from buying new, which is much better for the earth.
I coupon and stock up on gifts for parties.  For example last year there were tons of Hasbro high dollar coupons and I scored a bunch of travel memory and battleships games for free, plus card games for just over $1. Also I use back to school sales to get art supplies for kids.  For example I got a "free with rebate" ream of printer paper from Staples and paired with a really cheap box of 64 crayons that is a perfect gift for a toddler.  I also shop yard sales for nice...
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