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if any of you don't have yoga/exercise/birthing balls to bounce on, i highly recommend them.
amazing! geo took a bottle today and drank 2oz! i had NO IDEA that it could possibly go so well. i figured it would take weeks and weeks to get to that point. so, yay! i'm going to get a night out early next month and he'll be all set for when i go back to work. and, i can go to the gym and spend time one on one with the older son and etc etc. woot!
well, i'd prolly use it the next day. but that's how i roll.  
we're going to do the bottle thing this week too. it is VERY sad for me, but necessary.
we've been using that snot sucker, and it does pull the snot out. it doesn't magically get ALL of it, but it gets big gobs, unlike the bulb things. baby doesn't like it while i'm doing it, but gets over it the second i stop.
neuromancer, they'll totally fade. so long as they didn't stretch your belly into odd shapes, you won't notice them in time. my stretch marks on my boobs really did a number on their shape though. only looks bad/weird when i'm not lactating, so as long as i make milk for the rest of my life... :D   i'm about 15lbs away from my pre-preg weight at a little less than 4 weeks PP. waiting to completely stop bleeding (thought i was done, but turns out i'm bleeding once a...
happy mother's day, you wonderful mamas!!
bah. that should have been two paragraphs. the editor is really irritating me lately.
the return to work totally broke me with my first son. i was a mess. and that was leaving him with grandparents. this time i'll be using daycare, and am SO scared. i really, really hope it's easier with the second child, although i really can't see how it will be. still, it HAS to be. Must be. Really needs to be. sob. i spend a good amount of time in my postpartum period thinking about getting pregnant again. i think that for me it's just a really sudden shift, going...
we're totally cheating and going to a place that has yurts. :D i am anxious to try out our new 4 person (!!!) backpacking tent that i bought last year, but i'm not *that* curious. lol we'll use it soon enough.
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