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nevermind, thanks anyway I guess. 
We are having a girl! I am still in shock.
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I had my appt yesterday and it went really well. She was happy with all of my numbers. I finally figured out the trick to getting my fasting number down. Apparently for me, popcorn works. I had tried so many things and I am totally shocked that that works for me, but for the last 4 days I have had it around 85, so I won't complain. It was between 97-105 with everything else I tried!
Quote: Originally Posted by angelika13 All of my post meal numbers have been great. Under 130 1 hr post, and usually close to 100. However, after one week on the diet half of my fasting numbers were in the low 90's. My office wants it under 90. The ones that went over, were like 92 and 93. They are giving me ONE WEEK to get them under 90 or they say I have to go on medication! Can you believe that! That is harsh. What do they expect it to...
Those numbers sound good to me! I don't really know what is good though for sure. I am still trying to decide how mine are. I have been testing for a week now and so far my 2 hour numbers are all under 120, actually they are mostly in the 90's with a couple around 107 and a few in the upper 80's. My fasting numbers are still around 100. I am anxious to go to the OB Thursday to find out what they say.
You have a lot of the questions I do. Middle of the night snack hasn't worked for me so far, but I just started that, so I don't know. My daily numbers are great. I am actually shocked by it. My appt is on the 28th and I am curious about what my OB will say about it. I just don't see how I will be getting it below 90.
Quote: Originally Posted by Amydoula i kept my fastings under 105, mostly under 100 and had a 6lb7oz baby with no issues, i wouldn't stress the 97 if your after meal numbers are good Thanks for sharing that. I can't help but worry about it because I know its not what my OB wants. She wants it under 90 and I am not getting close. Today it was 100. I have tried the exercise and the mid-night snack, so I am at a loss. I am going to go back through...
Quote: Originally Posted by angelika13 So, apparently no matter how great your numbers have been, a Popsicle is still not a good idea. I have been testing in the 90's after meals for days, no matter what I eat really. So it is 96 here today and DS was eating a Popsicle, the kind made of just fruit. I decided to splurge right after lunch, and my number was 150!!! Holy heck! I can't believe that made sooo much difference. oh goodness! Those are...
Well, I got it down to 97 fasting with the late exercise, but obvioulsy that is still bad. Tonight I will try a handful of almonds or something in the middle of the night. I feel good to have gotten it from 109 to 97 at least though. I'm headed in the right direction I guess.
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