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Quote: Originally Posted by anewmama Sorry, that was rude. It is not about 'allowing'. It is allowed. Or projects are funded. Read some of the links on corruption. It is not that there is 'alot of political corruption. It is RAMPANT. Imagine having to bribe someone to be allowed to enter into a hospital for medical care. Or google "corruption bribery africa" for more links and information. The broken governments of Africa are the root cause of...
Quote: Originally Posted by anewmama Huh? Are you serious Proverbs31? It might not be OUR political that would stop it as the US is one of highest donors of aid (though some say we should/could do more... hard to say for a country on the brink of a depression). But are you just not aware of the issues facing development in some of these countries? Issues of which WE HAVE NO CONTROL? Yes I am serious, which is why I am asking. I understand there...
Which political reasons would stop efforts to provide clean, running water but allow a vaccine that hasn't been tested for its tetragenic potential? That's why I too have to wonder if these women and children are being used as a field study.
As much as it frightens me that a vaccine is being given to so many women that hasn't been evaluated for its effects on a a developing fetus... I guess the vaccine is better than nothing, but imagine the impact of Proctor & Gamble digging a little deeper and donating a dollar per pack instead of a few cents? I guess what bothers me is that Proctor & Gamble is in the financial position where they probably could provide clean, running water in Sierra Leone, or at the very...
Seriously! All of this "rigorous testing" and they never seem to get around to the possible long term effects.
Quote: Originally Posted by carriebft eta: I see that he also claims it has to do with the tetanus toxoid Because the package inserts say: http://www.fda.gov/CBER/label/ttoxave092305LB.pdf A review by the Institute of Medicine (IOM) concluded that the evidence favors acceptance of a causal relation between tetanus toxoid and both brachial neuritis and Guillian-Barré syndrome.
One of my concerns is the fever reducer masking the beginnings of something serious like bacterial meningitis, where one of the earliest signs is high fever. But my objection to reducing fevers is mostly based on pure logic: a fever is the body's mechanism to fight off pathogens... so what sense does it make to prevent the body from doing so?
Breastmilk also provides nonantibody protection from bacterial diseases by coating the digestive tract and inhibiting infection. Google lactoferrin and lactobacillus bifidus, for starters.
Quote: Originally Posted by KimberlyD0 Its only good for them if the mom has had them Or if the mom has asymptomatically-carried them, which virtually everyone did pre-vaccine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Deborah Life is dangerous. Being alive inevitably results in death... LOL, would you mind if I put that in my siggy?
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