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Hi, after about a month of being dairy-free, ds had a cup of milk on Saturday and ever since then he has had bad diarrhea; mostly watery, sometimes just very very loose. He also broke out in eczema on his face and went into autism "overdrive" (very aggressive, excessive stimming). Also (forgive me ) his poop smells sort of like moth balls. Does that sound like an intolerance or an actual allergy? Thank you!
Quote: Originally Posted by shuttlt Apologies for the storm of posts. I realized I'm confused about something: "Most children who get the vaccine develop immunity to all three diseases (over 99% for measles and 95% for mumps and rubella). " Does this mean most children are 99% protected, or 99% of children are completely protected? I'm looking, but the CDC faq didn't make it clear. It means that percentage develop an adequate level of antibodies.
My beef with the "free rider" argument is it almost exclusively referring to children, but not the significant percentage of adults who don't get boosters. Children only account for about 1/4 of the population, yet they are expected to take the risks for the sake of the adults?
Quote: Originally Posted by riverscout Check the laws in your state and check into the hospital's policy. I think the only state where it is very problematic is New York where it is supposedly mandatory, although I think you can still get around it. Its the vitam k and eye ointment that we can't opt out of; for hep b we have to sign a waiver to either accept or decline he vax. No hassles, just a lot of "Are you sure? What about school...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lazy Gardens Full-blown CRS is not the only thing it causes. Rubella used to be a major cause of deafness. http://www.sense.org.uk/what_is_deaf...idence_crs.htm Congenital deafness.
Quote: Originally Posted by prettypixels The Pink Book says reactions to vaccines are very common, but they are talking about things like fevers or irritation at the injection site. From where do you gleen that? http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pin...safety-508.pdf Today, vaccine-preventable diseases are at or near record lows. By virtue of their absence, these diseases are no longer reminders of the benefits of vaccination. At the same...
Quote: there's a lot more money in alternative medicine than I ever thought LOL, no where near as much money as in the vaccine industry For me, the court procedings make me trust the vaccination progrm even less. Any system that allows the defendant to appoint their own judges is way too shady for me to hitch my wagon to.
Quote: Originally Posted by ~Ryleigh's Mommy~ WHAT?!? they force me (as a health care provider) to get this shot every time I start a new job somewhere "to protect my patients"??? Why do they run those ads about "parents, protect your infants by getting yourself vaccinated" ?? I am also mad, because now this means if I want to give protection to my baby, now I have to get him the shot ((HUGS)) Probably because its the only way to get adults...
Been there, done that, drank the Kool Aid. I've got one vaxed kid, one unvaxed kid... the differences speak for themselves.
Quote: Originally Posted by JadasMommy<3 I've been researching this for a friend who says that in Australia, selective and non-vaccinators don't exist. Is this true? What about other countries? If they don't exist, the I guess the conscientious objection form was drafted for nothing.
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