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I am pretty laid back about this sort of thing because I am guilty of saying things too when I am frustrated. I have a five year old, and she is pretty sweet but when she says something of this sort, I just say something like this:   "Hey! That is rude!"    Or   "Nah, I am not stupid, but I can tell you are frustrated with me. Can you find a nicer way to tell me that?"   Or sometimes i even get silly.    "Actually, I am not stupid. I am stupit (with a t), but you...
http://fivehearthome.com/2014/02/02/chewy-no-bake-granola-bars-with-coconut-oil/   I want to try these no bake ones!
I keep finding recipes for banana birthday cake that either have zero sweetening or WAY too much. I want a very basic banana birthday cake that is lightly sweetened, made with whole food ingredients and that the whole family will enjoy. Our little guy turns 1 in three weeks. :)   Anyone have a good one?   Thanks. 
Thanks SO much for the support and suggestions. I really want him to succeed and to feel loved and happy....and I want the harmony of our whole home with everyone in it to be balanced and stable. 
After you posted this response, I looked up oppositional defiant disorder and my son seems to fit all criteria. It freaked me out, so I discussed it with my therapist who used to be my sons play therapist. She recommended that I understand he has these tendencies and always research and practice methods that work for a child with OPD tendencies but to never have him diagnosed because it would stay with him forever and be a part of how he is labeled in school. So glad I...
My 7.5 year old has me pulling my hair out.    I mean seriously, he has always been a more difficult child. We have done behavior therapy and counseling with him because he has always been rather ahem, spirited. He is angry a lot and gives us a lot of attitude and we worry about him the most.    Truly I wonder if at the age of 7.5 he should remember to keep his hands to himself. There was a time when I thought he just needed constant positive reinforcement and...
I would just accept it and let him get it on his own with time. It happens. Not his fault. 
I could have written this post when my two older kids were between 20 months and age 2 years. I weaned both of them when it occured because I just couldn't handle it. I wanted to keep nursing, but the feeling was too much.    Good luck! 
My 7.5 year old son draws missils, weapons, aliens, fight scenes....   My 5 year old daughter draws rainbows, people holding hands, me, her, flowers, the earth, hearts....
Oh my, you are doing such a great job. This way of putting baby to bed will get her used to knowing how to put herself down. It doesn't sound traumatic in the least! Keep up the good work mama! 
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