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 We don't vaccinate our 3 children, but we still like to do the well child visits because I want my kids to feel comfortable with and know their doctor, and I want our doctor to know us really well. It is not a big deal. Once a year (more for babies) we go and they get weighed, measured, ears and eyes checked out and sometimes iron levels checked. The doctor gets a good idea of how well we are taking care of the kids and we all head on our way feeling good. I usually find...
These are my thoughts too. Ignore the bad behavior but have the logical consequence thing. 
My babies have all been very different, and truthfully my others are enough older that the details are hazy. I am going to say that this is my most difficult nighttime experience. If this sounds normal to you for this age, does it fade away pretty quickly? It is just so intense and I am feeling like a zombie at this point. Not like myself at all.    I am with him 24/7. He breastfeeds on demand and eats some solids of the fattening sort. 
My almost 9 month old has been awake constantly at night for several weeks and I am SO tired. We have his crib open on the side and pushed up against our bed, so we just have one large bed. He wakes up about every half hour to an hour loudly wailing. Sometimes I nurse him to sleep, sometimes I help him get comfortable and rub his back...but it is just too much night waking. Anybody have experience or advice?    -Hannah
Hey guys,    I am just wondering what companies make the most comfortable/stylish maternity clothes in your opinion?   -Hannah
A glass of red while making dinner, and sometimes a refill during dinner. It is normal around here. 
I was pregnant with my third child. My first was a hard hospital birth and my second was the most ideal Ina May Gaskin perfect homebirth. I thought for sure I would have another perfectly relaxed homebirth. He was born a month early in the hospital, and it was one with lots of interventions at that. I am having a hard time coming to terms with this. I was miserable in the hospital and I had a bad experience. I wanted it to be at home. :(   I keep thinking of all of the...
No real pattern yet at six months. I know he will take a nap about 45 minutes to an hour after waking up in the morning. We call it the ridiculously early in the morning nap. After that, he sort of naps whenever he is feelin it during the day. Usually two more naps before bedtime. Some naps are 2 hours, some are 2 minutes while nursing. Whatever his little heart desires!
I forgot to add that 1 year olds love instruments and singing and storyhour at the library. 
This is my opinion, not right or wrong.    I just believe that 1 year olds should experience life in its natural state. Hang out with friends of all ages (this can be a playdate with little ones or tea with an older friend) go window shopping, go for small hikes and do things like apple and berry picking. Notice spiders and flies and tractors and a person in a wheelchair. Talk about everything you observe and talk with others plenty in baby's presence. Introduce the baby...
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