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The reviews say that it is sort of wide....
Breakfast: We have been buying the best golden eggs from a farmer and we scramble them up with bacon fat. I have that, sprouted grain toast and some fruit.    Snack: Fruit fruit fruit and more fruit! Sometimes cheese or a glass of milk.    Lunch: All sorts of things. Leftover soup, salad with greens and avocado, simple tacos....whatever is healthy and laying around.    Snack: Nuts, fruit, raw veggies, yogurt...   Dinner: Meat, salad, broccoli...or...
I have found that exfoliating every day is not healthy for my skin. I do this same thing with sugar, almond oil and coffee ground once a week or even less. 
 Another almond oil vote. I have been using it for years after taking a shower as an all over body moisturizer. I have the most beautiful skin, and it is really not greasy at all. I also use it on my face! 
Hi there,    I am 32 weeks pregnant and have been taking the Nordic Naturals prenatal DHA since day one. About a month ago I doubled the dose, which means i am taking four softgels. This gives me a dose of 900 mg of DHA per day.    Is this too much? Are there health risks if you take in too much DHA, or is it all good?    I can't seem to find the right answers online.    Thanks!
He is sturdy, but slender. He is six, but looks at least 7. I think he is tall and strong but still thin enough for this booster. I think I am going to try it out!
For the first time ever I am looking for a low backed booster seat for my almost 7 year old. He is a sturdy boy and very tall. In May we are expecting baby #3 and we are having to purchase three new seats to fit the backseat of my Toyota Camry. So, I want a good low backed booster, but width is an issue. It has to fit my kid but also has to fit with two other seats!    Thanks for your suggestions. 
Melatonin? I have heard it provides wonderful results for insomniacs.    A hot bath before bed...or even in the middle of the night.    I can't see any reason not to have a glass of wine. I think that in moderation it is fine in the third trimester, and I think it would be more harmful to get no sleep at this point for you.    Cannabis? (slightly controversial, but something to consider)
HA! Read through some of my past posts. My older son is a definite explosive child. He is six and as he gets older he is slowly figuring out how to manage himself. 
Have you tried disciplining her? I cannot even fathom a child this age behaving this way. 
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