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My partner dropped our son when he was about that age. He was bending down with the baby in a cradle hold to get something off the ground and somehow the baby rolled right off of his arm and fell about three feet! We were both terrified and my partner was REALLY upset but he seems to be ok so I think this sort of thing just happens. 
Also, look up aphrodisiacs. Chocolate is one of them!
Raw fruits and veggies and lots of it. Let them take up most of your diet. Works for me! 
Try putting plain whole milk yogurt externally and leave it on while you watch a movie or read a book. If you do this a couple times a day, you may find some relief. It doesn't only work for yeast but other vaginal discomforts as well. 
I would wait until she is AT LEAST six months and after that, see what she does if you give her a small bite of a puree. I think it is a good idea to start slowly with just a tablespoon or two a day until they start really grabbing for it and wanting to eat. I don't think there should ever be a rush with this, because your four month old is probably not truly ready, and is being nourished completely by your milk. Also, I personally always skip the rice cereal and go right...
With our rear facing carseat, we are using the tether system but it just doesn't seem perfectly safe to me. Is there something I should know about this? Is it better to use the seatbelt for a carseat? Everytime I put him in I worry that I am doing something wrong. It hooks on either side and I have it tight, but if in a collision I feel like it could make the carseat flop out of its position! Thoughts?
I don't think anyone here is saying that they don't discipline, I think there is just a range of ideas of what that means. Your ideas seem to be very black and white, which is not the way that I choose to view the world...especially the way I choose to view my children. They are bright, capable people who will someday choose their own directions. I would like to hope that I will have set the stage for my children to feel loved and valued, and to feel capable of making...
I just wanted to interject and say that a sticker chart definitely gives a child in control, which is why it is effective in some cases. I don't know about the other methods you mentioned but I have used a sticker chart for nighttime choices and got great results with children who felt great about the outcomes. In fact, they designed it. We took a piece of black construction paper and for each child there was a line with boxes. They cut out yellow moons (some full moons...
I am somewhere inbetween mindsets. Definitely interested in hearing more mama thoughts on this. This is a great topic to discuss!    I will say that I am painfully aware of children who obviously are allowed to do whatever they want with no consequences. I don't think that is to be admired, and I find those children to be incredibly unappealing. I don't OVER discipline, but there are definite consequences to negative choices. I am an if_____than_____ parent. If you...
That is brilliant. Thanks so much for that. 
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