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He wakes up only for a half hour or 45 minutes at a time during the day. After that amount of time he gets fussy and wants to go back down to sleep. At night he sleeps from about 8 (or earlier) until 7ish only waking to nurse once in the early morning. Normal?
Oh trust me, I understand the mindset of not having kids around. I wouldn't dream of bringing my 7 and 5 year olds to a grownup event, or any event where I or others want to let loose and say and do what they want. It is the infant in the sling that I don't understand. When a person does attachment parenting, they wait until the parent and baby are ready to leave each other. If I have a baby who stays with me and he really just nurses and hangs out in the sling, how could...
I was just told that my highschool reunion is a no kids event-including my not even four month old who spends all of his time in the sling. I don't really get this. Can someone explain this kind of thinking to me? I don't understand how my infant will change anyones evening. I don't leave him yet, so I won't be able to go. I also think this is a really strange rule, and It sort of irritates me. 
My 4.5 year old and 7 year old have the same bedtime, and they both wake up at 6. We start reading books and getting into pajama's by 7 and they are asleep (in theory) by 7:30 or a teensy bit later if I give them longer snuggles which I often do. 
Good chocolate, really good body butter, a gift certificate to a yarn shop if she knits or if she doesn't, a gift certificate to a body shop, massage therapist (even if it knocks 20 bucks off) or for a eatery. I would have loved a new pillow too. 
Our little Pip is almost 4 months old and he sleeps a lot! He is my third child and get this ladies, when he is tired he doesn't want help going to sleep. He wants space. So, if i hold him when he is tired he flips out. If I lay him down in his cosleeper he sucks his hand and immediately falls asleep. The other day I thought it would be nice to take a nap with him and I tried to cuddle in my bed with him and he flipped out. When I left him to sleep on his own, he fell...
My list is really long. I have a hard time trusting people.    However, I would trust this particular neighbor based on the information you provided. 
So I conclude with this. Try to feel differently. Try to love them as extensions to your partner. They are a deep rooted part of him. It is ok to need your space, but your partner and your children need you to love them up. 
So I am in the opposite position. I have two children with another man and one with my current partner. If I ever thought that he felt that way, I would be really hurt. I think I am sensitive about this actually, and deeply hope that he really truly wants them around. 
This past year I fell into the same groove that y'all are into. I had a third baby with another man, and the baby stays while the older two (4 and 7) go back and forth. So far the older two seem to be ok with separating from Pip for half the time but I have worried about how little Pip will feel when his siblings leave, especially for some holidays. We are thinking of having another child so that the older two have each other when they go back and forth and Pip has a...
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