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To be honest, I never inquired to if it was ok or not. I just know that we had to fill out and exemption in order to enroll my child, and I didn't agree with the full contents of the document. I don't  believe you should ever sign anything unless you agree to every word. 
This may not be the most popular answer, but I really don't play with my kids. I can't play with cars or legos, I hate playing dolls...dressup I can maybe tolerate for short periods of time. I do spend time with my children doing things that we all enjoy like cooking together, coloring together, reading together, board games, walking, sports...when it comes to playing with toys I just tell them that playing with toys is their job and that I am not into it. I think it is...
Oh, I forgot to add that blue cheese and figs go really well together in a mesclun salad. 
I agree. I am adding it to my possible fourth child list. :)
I like to keep it simple, because I think simple salads are the best.    Mesclun mix, blue cheese and dried cranberries.    Or    Spinach, goats cheese and strawberries   I always love to add avocado too. 
My kids names...   Harvest George Esther Maple Phlip Joseph (but we call him Pippin or Pip)
I have been wondering if it is dairy, so I made a couple switches. I have been using goats milk cheese instead of dairy cheese, and I have stopped eating yogurt. I LOVE treating myself to an iced mocha at the health food store though and I hate all of their dairy substitutes. They are just nothing like the cup of creamline organic milk that they use normally.    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I am willing to sacrifice whateve he needs me to sacrifice. It does sort of...
Ok, so he poops and pees constantly. hehe. He is breastfed on demand too. And, the fussiness is always at night. Last night he cried hysterically for about 2 hours.    Are you thinking that this is typical no matter what a person eats while breastfeeding? Or, are there certain foods I could avoid other than things like say broccoli and beans. 
Hi there,    First of all, I have the sweetest newborn in the world. Just had to get that out there. :)   Second of all, I am trying to figure out what is sometimes making him fussy in the evenings. I don't eat much wheat or grains at all...so it can't be that. I also avoid broccoli and everything in its family for his little sake. Could it be dairy, coffee, citrus, chocolate, eggs? What are your experiences and which foods did you find were the most...
Hey everyone,    What do you put in your kids lunch boxes?    -Hannah
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