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I am so offended by McDonalds, so I understand your woes.    I just tell my children that we do not go to McDonalds because I care about them and I want to make sure they have strong healthy bodies. Everytime we drive by McDonalds we talk about how harmful it is and why. I have also taught them to be their own advocates about health. The way to do this is to teach them about food and how it harms/heals you. They know what feels good in their bodies and what nourishes...
Definitely yogurt, bananas, berries, sometimes carrots, sometimes spinach....hemp powder can be good...or just plan fruit and yogurt. Throwing ground flax in is always a good idea! 
I agree. My policy for infants is to give them whatever they want, because at that age what they want is what they need. I nurse on demand, even if I logically think he couldn't possibly need to eat again. 
I am not sure why they don't do this. We ended up in the hospital with our third child and they wouldn't let us leave the hospital without watching a very one sided film about vaccines as well as one about shaken baby syndrome and some others. Why wouldn't they make parents see what they are agreeing to do to their baby before doing it? It is the strangest thing. 
You are completely right. He has long legs and a short torso. We will have to wait awhile, but in the meantime he fits the graco snugride just fine. 
Actually, the piglet weight in at 6.8 yesterday! He put on a lot of weight since last week. Hehe. So, seriously why doesn't he fit?
Hi there,    Not quite sure where to post this, but I want to get my active almost 7 year old running with me. He wants to try to do a 5k, and I think it is a brilliant idea! Is there a particular type of running shoes that I should look for? 
It is so frustrating that the seat is not going to work for us right away. It is supposed to fit a five pound newborn!!! Not to mention the fact that it is incredibly hard to install. I have never had such a hard time installing a carseat.    So we have him in a new graco snugride until he gets a little bigger. I am assuming it will be a month from now at the rate he is nursing. 
So this is the Combi Coccoro carseat with my newborn sitting in it. It is not in the car yet, so it is not reclined to the right position. The problem is that the straps are as low as they possibly can be, but they still seem to be above his shoulders. The seat says it is for 5 pounds and up. He is about six pounds. What gives?    Does this look safe enough? Am I missing something here?  
Oh gosh, I don't remember when my 4 year old stopped napping. I think she was just barely 2! On most days I don't make her have quiet time, it is really only when she seems grumpier and more tired. Than I read her a book or two and suggest that she lay down or play quietly. I think forcing it is more exsausting than not having it at all. I don't really think she needs it very often. 
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