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I love the haba baby toys...but getting even more natural you can check out www.novanatural.com for natural wood hand toys/rattles.
Hi there, I just wanted to check back in because I had my baby about 10 days ago and my milk was bright orange for a few days! It is healthy and normal apparently, half colostrum half milk. 
Hi there, so sorry I didn't see this. I am definitely into this. For a short while I am staying close to home because I have a very new baby. :) In a couple weeks I will be up for it. Ill pm you when I am ready to venture out. :)
My son has asked me many times why his penis looks different from his dads and his stepdads. He started noticing when he was three and I was very honest in my explanation. I told him that baby boys are born perfect just the way that they are, but his dads parents didn't feel that way and they had a doctor remove a piece of skin from the tip of their penis called the foreskin. I told him that some parents choose to do it and some don't. He asked me why I didn't and I told...
Hi there, I live in Vermont in the NEK, and I used to live in Burlington. I think there is a mix of everyone there, but all in all I think it is pretty intact friendly. I met many mama friends there who felt the same way that I did. Burlington rocks by the way. You would love it!    -Hannah
I am from Vermont, so naturally I go for Vermont Coffee Company. The dark roast and the tres mariposas are both divine! 
Hey everyone,    I had a baby 1 week ago.    He was 4 weeks early, and ended up in the NICU for five days because of lung development. He is home and doing SO great. He nurses many times a day and fills his diapers regularly too. I am so in love with him, and so excited. Just thought I would share.    The question is...   I haven't had a cup of coffee since he was born because I am nervous it will effect him. He is just so tiny and new, and I don't want...
I completely agree. I held my older two constantly (even for naps) and I hold my new wee one ALL day long as well. I love holding my babies so much and this time goes away SO fast. I wouldnt give it up for anything actually. Enjoy mama! 
So glad we didn't do a homebirth. Our little boy was taken from my arms immediately at birth and transported to a larger hospital because he wasn't breathing properly, and we are just going home today after four days. He is doing great now, but I am SO thankful I didn't attempt this unassisted. 
How funny. Here I am at 36 weeks at the hospital. My water broke last night, and it has been 10 hours or so with no contractions. We are waiting and hoping things pick up, but we are in the hospital. I am at peace with it. Just so excited to meet my little guy!
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