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My baby moves when I consume anything. Especially spicy food, ice water and anything sweet. It shouldn't be a barometer for whether caffeine is ok or not. 
I have actually heard this from others as well. Some people lose weight FROM breastfeeding and some people lose the weight when they are finished. 
Breastfeeding definitely helped with weight loss. It doesn't seem negative to me for a woman to embrace losing weight after baby, especially saying it is because of breastfeeding.    I think the only pressure for moms to get back to their pre-baby shape is put on themselves. I am having a baby really soon, and I definitely want to lose the weight fast but it is not something I will pressure myself with. I will just breastfeed, eat healthy and begin running again....
Thanks. I don't have much time, so I am thinking I will hope for the best with the birth and work on repair afterward. During labor the job of the cervix is to thin and get out of the way, right? So As long as my uterus stays in I should be fine. I have no idea if a prolapsed cervix means my uterus is also prolapsed...I will think positive thoughts. There is an intense pressure when I stand, so I am sitting and laying.    If anyone else has experience with this, or...
I drink a mug a day. I follow it up with lots of water for hydration. I feel ok with this choice. 
Our two year old son was at his sisters birth (this was 4.5 years ago) and it was wonderful! It felt so natural to have all of us there. I had a friend come to the birth to be in charge of Harvest, which enabled us to labor in peace while she kept him busy. When I started to push he was right there at the edge of the birth pool watching. We had definitely prepared him some with birth videos and that wonderful book Welcome With Love...but truthfully there is not much...
  Absolutely not. I feel your anger and your need for distance. I also feel your desire to not attend the wedding.    What is your mothers reason for wanting to still be with a man who did these things? I just cannot imagine continuing a relationship with such a monster. I personally would demand that all photos of this man with your son be destroyed. I would also not attend the wedding, but that is something you have to think deeply about. Is there a possibility that a...
Not where I live. In our local health food store we can buy raw cheddar and a whole assortment of other raw cheeses. They just have to be aged a certain amount of time. 
So I did call the one physical therapist in my area that specializes in female pelvic care and support. She acted like my issue was way out of her reach and told me it was more of a medical issue than a physical therapy thing. She wished me luck and told me to keep doing my kegels.    So what next? 
I did fill it out, but I didn't agree with the wording so I crossed out (with pen) what I didn't agree with and wrote things in the side bar. I don't sign anything unless I agree with the full contents of the document. 
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