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Quote: Originally Posted by Microsoap Hi! Awesome to see you and great be back. Ah, idk... I got kind of discouraged and felt bummed out reading about those who have been mutilated. If this inappropriate, I can remove this part, but... A couple weeks ago, I was at the YMCA for a night time swim when in the change room, a dad with his 3-year-old (?) son were changing. I'm not sure of the dad's status, but the son was intact. What I found very...
I LOVE making juice. Right now root veggies are in season so I make carrot or beet juice and I sweeten them by juicing apples and oranges with them. SO YUMMY!
Does anyone use the Uncookbook? I made his coleslaw yesterday and it was SO yummy.
Where is this picture?
Oh man. My curiosity is killin me right now!
Alright everyone share their favorite raw recipe please! I will post one later-but I have a babe attached to me. I am really starting to get into this raw thing.
I want to be on spotlight!
I dont know what I was thinking. Of course breastmilk is the only thing he should be getting! Why did I think that tea would do the trick? Thanks so much for reminding me of that. Breastmilk is the most amazing thing imaginable. I totally wasnt going to listen to the nurses advice and give him peaches in heavy syrup. Good idea! Give baby nasty junk food instead of mamas milk. He doesnt really eat solids yet anyway. I have seriously had it with the doctors office. I...
I either lay him on the floor for a minute or I already have him in some sort of baby carrier. I am a big handwasher. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people change poopy diapers and dont wash their hands. GROSS!
You can definitely use cough drops and vapor rub.
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