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Congratulations! She is beautiful!
Congratulations everyone! I have mostly been a lurker but came to announce the birth of my second son Arlo. He was born Tuesday May 10th at 9:28pm. 7lbs 15oz and 20 inches long. It was a planned homebirth turned hospital birth because I developed pre-eclampsia. All is well and I am in love. :)
This local bakery makes these amazing asiago bagels. I have at least one a day toasted with cream cheese. So good!
Congratulations! He is so beautiful and I love your wild automobile birth! Congratulations again!
I don't have a scheduled induction but I will be 40 weeks tomorrow and I have had some symptoms heading towards pre-eclampsia.  So my midwife wanted to see if we could help things along starting today. So we did a membrane sweep this afternoon. And tonight some nipple stimulation paired with black cohosh, plus we dtd.   I don't have a strong feeling any of it will get things going, but I'd rather try something then start to worry about me and the baby's...
This made me laugh! People are so weird!   I too, don't want to go out in public anymore.  
Tonight someone told me I look like Jello, like the way I got up out of my chair. Thanks dude! And everyone else just keeps telling me I look very pregnant and/or bigger. I swear I don't remember saying things like this to any of my friends that were pregnant a few years ago. I told them their hair was really shiny or that their belly was so cute! And I meant it!
I totally agree! Everyone is looking absolutely gorgeous and overjoyed!    
Congratulations!!!! :)
I just want to offer my support and a virtual You sound like a great mama!
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