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Yay! Congratulations! I am so happy for you!
Yay! Congratulations! :)
Of course, after posting this, baby has moved plenty today which eases my mind. I'll see my midwives tomorrow too. :)
I do feel this babe throughout the day, and it is definitely more constricted movement too.   I am just a worrier by nature so like I said I wish he/she would do some super big movements to ease my mind.   I am 37 weeks + 5 days.  
How much do you feel your baby move in 24 hours? I am especially interested in hearing back from mamas with older children and/or daily routines that don't leave a lot of time for focusing on your baby bump.   I feel like baby has been much less active lately and I just wish that he/she would kick up a storm so I wouldn't have to worry about if he/she is moving enough. I remember I felt this way last time I was pregnant too.
36 weeks!!!
Ugh, I got the "about to pop" comment a few weeks ago. So annoying!!!! And last week the lovely receptionist at the chiropractors office had to give me the twin comment too. And she is a mother and her office specializes in pre-natal care! What is wrong with people!?! I make a point to tell every pregnant woman I speak to that they look GREAT!
Me too! I have only two pants left that "fit" and they are pretty uncomfortable. The worst part is that I am so darn hot and I only have two short sleeve tops. I don't want to buy anything either this late in the game but I have to admit I did look around for a nice skirt last week and probably would have bought one if the only one available wasn't tie-dye.
oohhh, I love the idea of coconut water popsicles! I am totally going to try to make some now.   We are going to have: -recharge drink -plain seltzer water -applesauce -some sort of fruit juice -grapes sound really good too
Congrats! That sounds the like the perfect pre-labor evening! And the title of this thread cracks me up! :)
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