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Thanks for responding Rae! I really appreciate it. :) It makes me feel less alone.   Thankfully I have a counselor, and I have a great Dr. too.  I stopped taking Celexa (similar to Lexapro) to ttc this baby and that was very hard! My body was not happy when I weaned off of that stuff. So I know what you mean by it being addicting.   I am curious about your mention of 5-htp. Can you tell me more about it? Are you taking it now while you are pregnant too?
I am 16 weeks now, and I am considering taking zoloft. Anyone else taking anything? I can't kick my grumpy mood, and find myself saying that I hate my life at least once a day. I have been on zoloft before at 7 months pp and it did help. Anyone else?
Me too! Bagels and cream cheese, mac and cheese, etc. have been my friends. Spinach, broccoli, kale and other veggies taste awful to me right now. I like the idea of sneaking them into smoothies! Thanks!
I broke out the maternity jeans two weeks ago (at 9 weeks). They fit perfect now, and they seriously fit perfect at the very end of my last pregnancy. Oh well, that's life.
Yeah, I already have a belly at 11 weeks. Very different from last time.
Me too! I am just about 11 weeks. I hope it continues for you!!!
I am totally going to buy some jerky today and see if my body will accept that. And some whey or hemp powder too. Thanks for the ideas.
-Name: Sari -Age: 28 -EDD: early or mid May -Location: Vermont -1st child/2nd/3rd...: Second child -Family: Partner and 4 year old son -Baby's gender: A lot of my friends say ‘girl’ because I have been so sick -Names: no idea -Birth plans/preferences: I would like a homebirth but it is more $$$ and DH thinks our apartment is too small. -Absolutely anything else under the sun: I was just diagnosed with pityriasis rosea (its a rash caused by an unknown virus) and...
Jenn, I am sorry to say that after recently weaning off my own meds, I never found anything that helped very much. I just wanted to acknowledge that it sucks and give a I hope you feel better soon!
Jenn, Thanks for the prayers. I am sorry to hear you are having a rough time getting off Paxil. Physically I am fine now, but mentally I am somewhat depressed and extremely irritable. I am not very active but have noticed a huge difference when I take a long walk, bike ride, or swim. I know its easier said than done but I seriously think I need to become one of those people that are totally addicted to exercise. I am meeting a friend for a jog tomorrow morning.
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