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oh yeah, the foggy-headed feeling is really awful too. ugh.
Hi all, I was on lexapro and wellbutrin until a few weeks ago. I weaned off of wellbutrin first, and that went just fine. Next I slowly weaned myself off of 30mg of lexapro. I had been taking the lexapro down very slowly, and I finished it over a week ago but I feel like total sh*t!!!! Any advice on how to make it go away faster? The worst symptom is the severe nausea that comes and goes (but stays too long). I am also short-tempered (no big surprise) and have...
But I'm a student! It would have to happen over winter break. Where do you live and teach?
Hi ladies, I am a Vermont mama with a minimal income needing sunshine this winter. So I would like to ask if anyone would be interested in a vacation housing swap this winter? We live in a quiet neighborhood right on lake Champlain, view of the lake and Adirondack mountains, next to a woodland park with walking trails, close to several ski resorts, 5 minutes from downtown etc. Anyways I have visited Prescott and Sedona before, and would love to revisit them with my...
[QUOTE=riverscout;14240578 I just asked him to describe the pain and he said it was difficult to describe...said it was sharp and throbbing. Not sure that helps much. Anyway, he went to the oral surgeon and they packed it with some kind of clove oil gauze. He felt instant relief. [/QUOTE] Yes! The clove oil gauze thing they pack the hole with gives such instant relief! It was amazing. I didn't have dry socket but a tiny piece of food got in there and was really...
Because I love my body, today I... -ate fresh mango and blueberries for breakfast -ate a delicious avocado sandwich w/greens, tomato and annies goddess dressing. So good! -am not stressing that I skipped my $$$ pilates class yesterday.
I second Maitri. I hope your SIL heals asap!
Welcome! I have say ditto to everything qeendom lady said except about Viva Espresso. IMO it isn't baby and mama friendly anymore. The couch is gone and all the kids toys are gone too. The only remnant are some children's books. And I reccomend Pediatric Medicine in South Burlington. We like Dr. Long, Dr. Wing and have heard good things about the others as well. Good luck!
I love when my 3yo ds sometimes tells the cats about how "very good" their dinner is going to be and aren't they "excited?" Too cute. And I love Mrs. Oakie etc. So sad that she fell down.
Thanks Ladies!
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