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I couldn't say how long it will take to get back in hormonal balance because everyone is different. I have been dealing with the same issues and its been few months now. Mostly I would like my skin to clear up and would love to find any herbs or supplements that hurry hormonal balance along. If I discover anything I will definitely post it here for you too.
to the OP. Next time you feel pressured or judged by any outsiders just remember all these posts from other Mama's that know exactly what you are going through. I agree with others that once you relax the situation will feel much different to both you and your ds.
After finally getting AF back two years after giving birth my skin is freaking out! Nothing I am doing topically makes it better. What can I take internally to help balance my hormones that is also safe to take while nursing? Help Help Help! It's getting worse everyday. I am considering making an appointment with a naturopath but last time I did that it was sooo much money for the session+all the supplements she picked out for me. I'd like to get advice from anyone...
Quote: Originally Posted by NiteNicole I have asked them things like, "really, and is that what worked with your cat?" just to make a point.
Ideally I want it upstairs where the bedrooms are and with a window that opens to a line w/a pulley outside to line dry.
California Baby
Quote: Originally Posted by althara Her telling you that you couldn't be there really threw up a red flag for me. You have to right to be with your child anywhere your child goes, period. And anyone who tells you different should not be trusted IMO. :
Quote: Originally Posted by Lady Madonna I'm getting my filthy, moss-growing, dog-hair-filled, juice-spilled-in station wagon detailed, inside and out. THATS WHAT I WANT! My car is so gross and frankly I don't want to be the one to clean it out at all. But for sure I am going to a two hour mama yoga class that I bought for myself.
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