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Hi, everyone. I had joined this group way back when it first started in our first trimesters, but I got overloaded when there were several miscarriages and I totally dropped out because it just really made me a mess of worries! I'm sorry to have gone so long without coming back. But, here I am. I'm Cindy, due with our fourth baby (and third girl) on March 11.  Hope to join back into the discussions!
I know that they now recommend the nuchal translucency test to check for chromosomal abnormalities (down syndrome, etc.). It's an ultrasound done between 11 and 13 weeks. It's supposedly more reliable than the triple/quad screen. I'm really on the fence about whether i'll do it or not. I'm just 35. I'm not one to run extra tests, but this one has me thinking. It's kind of a "do I really want to know this early if something might be wrong?" kind of fear, I think.
So sorry, mama. 
We do very, very little testing. My midwife is very laid back (a CNM who attends home births and has a freestanding birth center). She doesn't check weight (she's got a scale in the bathroom, so I can check when i want to), we run the usual early blood tests, but we mostly choose not to have the rest done. We would not change anything by knowing something was wrong, so we just go along and enjoy the pregnancy. I've had two drug-free and intervention-free births, so I...
I am so sorry, Mama.
Hugs, mama. So sorry.
I don't even go to other sites. With my first baby (10 years ago) I did some of that, but there weren't many open forums...just information. When I found MDC when ds was a baby, I never went back. It's always been the place I go for support when I need it. I think we tend to see birth and pregnancy as a normal event, rather than one full of worry and disaster. That's what I like about this place.  And, if the worst does happen, it's such a supportive place to be for...
We are having our 4th baby, and are planning a homebirth this time. #3 was born in a freestanding birth center with the same midwife who will attend the homebirth. She's wonderful. Babies 1 and 2 were born in the hospital...one with all kinds of interventions, the second with very few.  We'll probably have a waterbirth again, too. There was nothing like that feeling of getting into the water for the first time during labor!   As for interventions/testing, etc...I'll...
So sorry, Mama. Take care of yourself. 
Baby #4 here. We haven't told anyone, yet. We planned this baby, just like we did with the other three, but I"m way more hesitant to share the news this time for fear of the negative comments I might get. Why is 3 kids OK, but 4 makes you crazy?  Our children only have 3 cousins, and likely won't have any more and we want them to have lots of family around them (we are all close on both sides of our family).  Our own cousins were very important to both DH and me, and...
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