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To clear the cache (at least here on my iPad) - From the Tapatalk main page choose Settings, scroll to Miscellaneous, and next to Cache should be a Clear button you can push. --- - Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
I had this problem on my iPad back in June (also only here not other sites) and what finally resolved it was removing the Tapatalk app and re-installing it. (I didn't get charged for the uninstall/reinstall but you may want to check the android app first.) You could also try clearing Tapatalk's cache. Clearing the cache actually helped my issue for a little while, but then another update here at MDC started the error again, so I tried the uninstall/reinstall which finally...
Hi all, I think this is a great conversation for the whole community to have, so since TAO is restricted to 50 posts/60 days, I'm moving this to Q&S where everyone, no matter the post count, can give input, share concerns, etc. (eta - I gave it a permanent redirect so it will always be visible & clickable in TAO too!)
For some good Internet privacy tips, I often recommend - http://www.privacyrights.org/social-networking-privacy & http://www.microsoft.com/security/online-privacy/communities.aspx Both strongly suggest familiarizing yourself with every community's privacy policy, and to review it periodically for changes. As someone stated earlier, the Member Terms of Use and Terms of Service both say that Mothering can use our posts in any way. In these two links, look for User Content...
Thank you for linking that, philomom! Peggy O'Mara and the admins Cynthia Mosher & AdinaL who post the threads to FB (mods do not have that ability/permission, only paid Mothering staff) watch that forum for member comments, so putting posts there is a much more direct line to the decision-makers so they can hear you. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk.
Yeah, the MotheringMag staff began publishing posts to social media outlets about a year ago. The MDC admins Cynthia Mosher & AdinaL took over around 6-ish months ago, I believe. There's a thread in Q&S now to ask them questions, if anyone wants to do so. (I apologize - I can't link from here. I will later when my computer is hooked back up. I'm currently on a break from moving furniture.) I think my sig has the link to Mothering & Huddler's privacy policy if it'll help to...
Oh good! Glad it's working for you! Huddler was updating their MDC software today, which is probably why Tapatalk couldn't connect to the Huddler MDC servers for a bit. I've had that happen and then resolve when updates are done, too. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk.
Tradd - Is it better for you now? I get that message if I happen to be trying to access MDC while Huddler is doing tweaks to their software, and they did an update a couple days ago. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk.
My appointment went well. She was as nice as she was recommended as being, and she was really knowledgeable. I go back for a bunch of lab work in a couple weeks and then I'm seeing her to review the labs & discuss options for what to do about my knee (xray, orthoped, rheumotologist, PT, etc) the week after that. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk.
I'm on my way to an appointment with my new primary care provider and I'm feeling a little stressy. Long story, but my previous provider up and left after being in trouble with the state. So I need the full shebang today, which in a way will be good so we can review all my issues (Fibromyalgia, knee failing, etc) and I'm hoping she'll do bloodwork to rule out things like Thyroid, Celiac, etc. Probably silly, but I'm feeling hesitant due to getting burnt by the last...
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