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Bump! Update in first post.
Bump. Bump!
Bumpity bump bump!
It's time to start fresh and I thought focusing on Pixie and Popcorn would be a wonderful way to do that. So I have pulled out her post from the old thread and made it the beginning of your new one.   http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1280042/positivity-for-pixie-popcorn   Do not start a new mutant thread. Use the above. Thanks!     This thread has been removed for administrative review. As stated in the sticky here, MDC strives to handle...
It's a Monday afternoon bump!
If it helps...     And just FYI: Because smilies aren't expected to be fixed until Monday-ish, the smilies in signatures will still be glitchy until then, too. So it's not you!
Ooooh this will help me!! Thank you for working with devs to get that tweaked. :)
Quote:   Awesome!! :D  
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