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Can you try again? My ability to PM didn't start working until tonight. If it still doesn't work for you, could you please post your Browser & if you are on PC, Mac or Unix?
Hi there. I've moved this to the Questions & Suggestions Forum where the Administrators would like all commentary and questions about the new site to be.
UPDATE: The Admins who made this policy, are addressing it here now -- http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1278686/why-are-threads-about-3-year-olds-being-moved-from-childhood-years-to-toddlers
Oh! Please also post in Q&S regarding your PM issue. I had a glitch with mine (read: they didn't work at all), but it seems to have resolved this morning. Admins are tracking the issue and sharing glitch reports with the developers, so anything you can tell them is really helpful.
Hi! Great idea! The policy of what ages belong in what forums and decisions on if we can have new forums are made by the MDC Administrators, so definitely PMing georgia, JessicaS or AdinaL. You could also post in Q&S. The admins have asked that these things get put in Q&S so they can make lists, so I'm closing this for now. Thanks for understanding!   ETA: Just took a quick glance in Q&S and there is a thread already --...
Good Morning!
And again! Everyone, please -- you can say whatever you need to about the changes, but ONLY in Questions and Suggestions. It's even better if it is in this thread --    
I know it's a pain, but have you tried (will you try?) another browser like Firefox to compare what happens? Everything works for the most part in Firefox for me (even with add-ons), while I have glitches in Internet Explorer (which Jessica & Georgia have on their lists). Doesn't have to be permanent - this is more of a troubleshooting technique because it could help narrow down if it is your computer blocking that sig editing link or not (which would be a whole...
Ok! Back! Kidz, here's what I saw in my test account in IE --  
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