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Hmm that could be more than one spot. Do you mean the section at the bottom of your profile page? I'm not sure the activity feature can be altered like subs. Can you screenshot which page you mean? And admin can ask the devs.
Hey Ard! This'll probably be lengthier than it needs to be for you, but hopefully it will help others, too.     Click Subscriptions at the top right And then choose Edit My Subscriptions (should be the fourth tab) There you will see your list of threads, something like this -     You can either remove the threads individually on the right, or you can change several at once by toggling the boxes on the left then scrolling down to the bottom of...
Hi,   Right now the software doesn't use the old BB Code by default so that's why typing :shy and the like doesn't work. So when you are typing your post or reply, look for the  smilie face icon at the top:        Click it and you'll get a pop-up box filled with MDC smilies. You have to click that each time you want to insert a smilie.   If you select the BB Code editor, you can type in the code for the smilies. You can try it out without making it...
The switch happens when a user has both a minimum of 50 posts and 60 days of membership. And you do! I see you're a Member now. :)  
I'm glad your SIL is being moved to rehab, but I'm so sorry things are still so difficult for her. Sorry about your voice. Is it good to have a day off, though? I'm watching some TV too, and then I have to start doing some housecleaning to prep for this weekend. Up first is Being Human and after that is last night's [H]ouse.
Tell me about it. Merging went awry somehow so all button pushing promptly ceased for the night after that.
Just a morning cry. I got our truck stuck half in a snowbank and half in the street at the top of my driveway due to ice. My mom got us AAA again this year, so the tow out was free, but UGH. Stress.
Has Spring sprung for anyone yet? We still have a big mountain of snow outside my window, even though temps hit the 50s this weekend. They were just a big tease though because today it started snowing again. Arg. I have a pic of my now 8yo (sniff. No longer my baby) climbing the 'snow mountain' - I'll have to post it tomorrow. What's on tap for everyone this week? Hubs and I are going away together just us for the first time in YEARS. I am incredibly excited and nervous...
*cough* look up *cough* ETA - Sorry for the technical snafu. Sigh. Oh, well. Look up anyway. Your answer's there.
I have a cheapie AT&T Go Phone that I got for $6 for emergencies and their rate plans are low, too.   I agree with Hoopin' Mama. Right now, a monthly cell phone plan, and especially one for $130/month is an 'extra'. Go bare minimum on these things and save a good chunk of money every month. You can ALWAYS upgrade to a better phone, but once you stick yourself on one of those plans, you can't get off without yet another expense you absolutely cannot afford. Sorry. :(...
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