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Also ~ Are you sure you are looking under Public Messages and not PMs/New Messages? Your Public Messages/Board looks like this and ones for you are under that --   Your profile - http://www.mothering.com/community/user/mandy+f     ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> There would be a message here. :)
Ah. If it is one from several days ago, that was probably a spam one that several people received and was subsequently deleted by administration -- http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1292869/spam-here#post_16203952   If that's the case, you're not doing anything wrong. It's not supposed to be there. 
I'm not seeing it so it looks like you were able to zap it?   If not or if someone else needs help with this same thing---- It sounds like in the signature editing section, one of the options in the dropdown menus is selected. To remove it, click My Profile at the top left of any page --     Scroll all the way down to the signature section at the bottom --       Click Edit Signature Text. Here's what my signature editing section looks like...
Hi there! The Bulletin Board is actually the old title for the 'Public Messages' section of our profile pages. If you click your username and choose 'View Profile' it will be at the right hand side of the page. Thanks for the head's up about the wording in the email! I'm going to let admin know so they can make a note for the tech team.
My kids ADORE The Lion King. They'd love to see it on Broadway, too. lol   Sorry about the coworkers, dawning, but YAY kids!!!   Tomorrow we have friends coming over with their DD and their two boxers. I'm so excited! We haven't seen them in awhile. We try to get together about once a month. They are also awesome friends in that they know that with kids with Autism it is hard for us to take all three kids places and have Hubs & I be able to SIT and relax for a...
gbailey ~ How are you today?   How was your last day??? And booooo on the snow. We managed to squeak by with only 4 inches. But still that makes.... 41 (as of last week) + 1 (several days ago) + 4 (Wednesday night) = 46 inches of snow in my yard so far this year, and we are not even in February yet.     How are you feeling now? I hope well! 2 of my 3 kids have had flu so far and I've avoided it. I'm still bulking up on my White & Green Teas just in case.     Oh sore...
Hiya! The Dready Mamas are here - http://www.mothering.com/community/forum/thread/1178693/dready-mamas-2010/420
Good Morning! Just doing a quick drive-by today. I should really be working on my to-do list. I keep procrastinating. I DID whip up a quick quiche and have that baking now so I can't leave the kitchen, right? On my list is clearing the front steps and walk of the one inch of snow we got overnight. Blech. An inch isn't too bad to clear, but Hubs' drive into work was doubled (meaning nearly 2 hours instead of nearly 1) because it's the kind that packs down and gets...
LOL I turn it on and all I get to see is: Flag, Flag, Flag, Flag....    PLAY FOOTBALL guys. Come on! 
Ooooh. I have been afraid to watch. LOL Maybe I'll peek and instead of live Tweeting the game, we can post it. Hee!
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