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You will get to have more soon. You have the days, you just need the posts. Quote: Signature Images/Pictures The only images allowed in signatures are board smilies. New Members (title under your username) are allowed only 1 smilie in their signatures. Members are allowed 8 smilies in their signatures. 'New Members' move to the 'Member' group when they have accrued 50 posts and have been registered for 60 days. (click your name and choose view profile to see...
It happens! This is a HUGE issue right now and one that's making everyone emotional, on all sides. I totally get that.
****COUGH**** Please everyone -- I am asking you one last time to try to tone down your posts a little bit. Things like sweeping generalizations and angrily posted harsh criticisms are considered inflammatory and are against the UA. Further posts of this nature will result in Alerts. Quote: Originally Posted by The User Agreement Through your direct or indirect participation here you agree to make a personal effort to maintain a comfortable and...
We're back! Thanks for your patience. Since this thread is on its 3rd and final try, we are asking that from this point onward, you refrain from sarcasm of any kind and keep the disagreements respectful, informative and educational. Thanks!
Has been removed for this forum mod's review. Thanks in advance for you patience!
FYI: This thread was removed for administrative review per the forum guidelines and the forum disclaimer. Quote: While we wish to support women throughout the birthing process, we cannot host threads seeking advice during unassisted labor. Labor announcement threads are fine, but any posts seeking advice will be removed. Quote: The opinions offered at Mothering.com and MotheringDotCommunity are for informational purposes only and are not...
I got Colleen Lindsay's Tweet about that this morning. (She's an agent with FinePrint Literary Management.) It is a good article! Are Authors Who Twitter Any Fitter?
I don't use Blogger, but I think they do it by using a text/html widget versus a subscribe widget. They can place all of the html in the one spot that way. At the feeds page at Feedburner, click on MamaNotes (or however you titled your feed). That will take you to a new page. Click the Publicize tab. On the left somewhere is Email Subscriptions. Clicking that will generate html code for you. At the very bottom of that will be a dropdown where you can choose what blog you...
No, not silly! I don't find Feedburner to be all that intuitive, and I'm a geek.
http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/myfeeds You should be able to add a feed from there at the bottom. It should say "Burn a feed right this instant. Type your blog or feed address here:"
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