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Backing up a bit, I find that for formal wear, it is easiest to combine a shirt and skirt. When I was pregnant I found a lovely long sleve crepe blouse at maternity. Problem was that it had spagetti straps in the liner tank. (WHO can wear spagetti straps while pregnant and not have their bra show. I mean I needed the industrial strength bra.) I bought a coordinating blouse with cap sleves, which fit my definition of modesty and sewed it into the blouse. After the...
I celebrate when my baby eats candy because that means she actually eating something.
Since I switched to diet years ago... the regular is just too sweet and makes me sick. Wanna tick me off? Give me a regular Coke. I always check before I leave the drive up or before the server leaves .
Hello! I'm in!
My DH just took a 31 cent an hour pay cut to work close enough to home he can bike. We've saved way more than we lost in gas/car useage. Like PP said run the numbers. IRS estimates that car useage is 51 cents a mile.
So a company car has a middle back seatbelt which has severe sun fading, in the section which comes out of the window shelf to the back of the seat. (About 6 inches) Safe? Unsafe? Any links which I could use to suggest that seatbelt be replaced if that is needed?
Commander in Chief. I loved that show.
Quote: Originally Posted by KristyDi Just because you don't believe the industry is moral does mean that you have the right to steal what they produce. If you want to boycott the industry, then by all means do so. But you can't have it both ways. You can't take the moral high ground and condemn an industry as immoral then steal from them too. :: puts on flame proof suit now:: Very Very well said.
There is no difference in accepting a pirated movie and shoplifting one from a store. Dh can make up his own mind, but we don't pirate in our home. It's not cute or funny.
Yup. 3. Lap/Uterine repair surgery. Plantar Fasciitis repair surgery. CS. Any future children will be born this way, so that's one surgery I'm looking forward to having, because I want more children. LMTY.... My CS recovery was so much easier than my foot surgery. Light years. At some point I "should" have the other foot done, but recovery for that surgery was so bad, I'd need to be in such pain.... That incision still bothers me.
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