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Another 5 days old
5 days old
Wow, amazing!! Congrats!!
Oh my great goodness, what a story!!! Congratulations!! And what a beautiful name!
Wow, echo and spatulagirl, can't wait to read your stories!   Everyone else still hanging in- hope you are moving along, staying as comfortable as you can. Soon, mamas, soon!!!
UserName: cujobunny *Due Date* and guess date and time: Feb 16 by LMP, Feb 13 by u/s, guess is Feb 15, but I want to have him Feb 2, 11 or 22 (my other kids birthdays are 03-03-05 and 08-08-07 so I'd like 02-02-11, 02-22-11 or 02-11-11, in that order) Actual Birth Date and time: Feb 20 Guess of hours in labor:36 hrs of latent labour, 4 hrs of active labour with a few minutes of pushing :D Actual hrs in labor: 23, with 1 hr of pushing LOL Guess of Gender:boy,...
Wow, I totally agree with the others that most likely moving around will help IMMENSELY. Maybe try to educate your DH on natural pain management techniques so that he can give you some options when you are in labour. Make a list & get him to help you try some of the options.   If you're not hooked up to anything in the hospital you don't need to lie in bed & you and your DH should feel comfortable & confident in telling the nurses so. Standing, squattting, on all...
I think it's great that you want to surround yourself with positive experiences but I also think you should arm yourself with information and techniques should you find yourself in not as wonderul a situation in labour. Perhaps some exercises you can do starting now, or positions you can get into in labour to encourage baby to turn anterior or at least take some pressure off your back. Standing & leaning forward with hands on a table, or down on all fours, cat/cow yoga...
Hi Mamas. 3 days pp here. Feeling a bit weepy over everything today but I know it's just hormones & exhaustion & will pass very soon. Kennedy is a fan of being a great sleeper all day and a horrible sleeper at night so I'm trying to roll with it best I can. I have lots of help- dh & mil are here to help with the older kids & meals & housework so I'm just resting and taking care of babe.   He's not opening his eyes much, his eyes were all puffy after the birth and...
Thanks everyone for you kind wishes and support. My 2 older kids are loving their baby brother, they can't get enough of him. I am still resting and so happy to have dh home til next monday and MIL here for the rest of the week. I am loving snuggling up in bed with this guy. The constant nursing is very tiring but hoping once my milk gets in we'll settle into more of a rhythm.
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