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Thanks for the update Strong Mama. My thoughts continue to be with you. Beautiful girls!!!
So my water broke early Saturday morning at 3:10am. My midwife came by at 11 and checked me out, nothing going on. She explained that their protocol is to induce labour by 12-18 hrs after PROM if no contractions have started. I wasn't crazy about that idea but agreed to just see how it went. I did some nipple stimulation and ctx started at 1. They were about 5 mins apart. Uncomfortable, but not painful. By 4 they had increased slightly in frequency and were a little more...
Thanks everyone! Gonna go start a separate birth announcement thread
Wow, that's terrible! My thoughts are with you.
2 hours ago.Not a gush, just a leak. I was asleep, it woke me up. Had a few contractions shortly after but theyve gone away. Now we wait. Trying to relax and maybe get some sleep but that doesn't seem to be working. My m/w is going to call me at 9am if she doesnt hear from me & see what's happening.  
Wow mama, just read your birth story and I am very happy for you that you have your beautiful healthy son in your arms. What an intense labour! And that does sound like an incredibly traumatic experience. Have you thought about writing a letter of complaint to the hospital regarding those nurses? Telling you to be quiet????  I can't even imagine someone telling a labouring woman to be quiet. Telling you that you are hurting your baby?? Unbelievable!!!  Making you wait so...
finnegansmom, I hope this is it for you!   I'm 40+2 today with NO signs that anything is happening any time soon. I had long early labours with my other 2 so thinking that even when I do start having contractions, they'll go on for a couple days til the baby is born. I have a midwife appt Tuesday so I'll probably get her to do a stretch & sweep if nothing's happening by then. DH is off work til the 28th and he'd really like to spend time with the new baby! However,...
And me! Let's have another round of a whole bunch of births!!! My "other" due date is today, the one by (unreliable, irregular) cycle dates, the 13th was the one by ultrasound. I've been having a feeling for a while that it would be on the 18th. Who knows?!?! I don't really want to go to my next midwife appt (next Tuesday) and I really don't want to go to the hospital for the NST and all that (next Wednesday). But at the same time I know baby will come when he's supposed...
I'm due on Wednesday, saw the midwife today. They do NST & BPP @ 41w so I believe they were trying to schedule it for next Wednesday. I'm hoping to be able to cancel that appointment :)
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