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Congrats!! Love the name Miles :)
Encourage him to trust his instincts. He can't get through life without ever talking to strangers. You talk to strangers, everyone does. In a dangerous situation, if he's lost or separated from you, he needs to be able to know who to ask for help before the wrong person targets him.   Protecting the Gift is a great read.
Me. I'm just too tired to deal. My kids have been really good lately, not much attitude or misbehaviour. I have 3 days left to walk ds to school & pick him up- was supposed to today as well but he was sick with diarrhea so he stayed home (YAY!!). When I walk him to school I have to get very bundled up, as well as bundle up both kids & walk at a 3 yr olds pace. It should take 10 mins but it takes about 20. Then after school they always want to stay and play & slide on the...
  WOWZERS!! You definitely have the right username!!! I'm gonna watch for your birth story!!!!!   I'm here too, expecting to go a little into the 2nd half of the month. My due date is the 16th & my other two were born just over 40 wks. Hopefully in the next week and a half I'm holding my newborn, who knows.
That's great, congratulations!!!
Wonderful, congratulations!!!
You can wait to find out who will be hosting and sending out the invitations. Then talk to that person & tell them your concerns. Perhaps they could work it into a theme- a cloth diaper party, an "eco-friendly" shower, a food or favour shower where people bring you food to freeze or "coupons" for favours (housework, babysitting older kids etc) something like that.
I'm a rabbit & will give birth to a rabbit. Also in my house I have an Ox (dh), Rooser (ds) and Pig (dd)
Good luck & hope you feel better!!
*hug* I can understand why you're upset, I would be too. Good luck mama and TURN BABY!!!!
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