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Our tree theme is the kids pour their hearts into making sweet little things for the tree and I am honored to display their talents on our tree. Christmas is for children.
There is a biological componant to males being dominating, not necessarily, "in charge." There is a difference between the two. Patriarchal males do not have a good track record when it comes to leading people peacefully, now, do they?
I think it reflects a certain form of social stratification. Normal human beings do not get coddled thusly.
When I homeschooled, I would not even consider buying material from BJU because of its racist policies. They have sanatized their position, but, up until very recently, they forbade black and white people to date one another. I am amazed any non racist person would give them a penny of their money.
I have read an interesting book called, Saharasia, it suggests the creation of a vast desert environment transformed mainly peaceful matriarchal cultures into war-like patriarchal cultures. More correctly, the violent patriarchal cultures took over the territory of the more peaceful cultures. The patriarchy is associated with nasty practices like male and female circumcision, restriction of nursing, male domination including polygamy, concubinage, widow murder, human...
One more point to consider, some professors teach strictly from powerpoint notes. Their exam questions are taken from their lectures which were taken from the powerpoint presentation. If you get one of those classes, you can ditch the textbooks and study guide and study from the powerpoint notes and save yourself time *and* money.
I thought this stuff died away. :
The rod is symbolic of parental authority. The passage says if you beat your son with a rod, he will not die. Obviously, over history, children have died with the literal rod, they won't die by gentle discipline borne from loving parental authority.
My son has hair down his back and I would be sorely tempted to tell that woman she needs a face lift or she needs a laryngectomy or something nasty.
Mine will choose their own college, but I get to give my opinion. I wouldn't fun something like Bob Jones or Liberty, but, then again, I doubt they will be contenders.
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