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I think we could start our own A&P tribe Micro, ug, it's only offered at 8AM, grrrrrr. But I need to take it.
I would agree that cutting back classes and cutting out the small job may be the way to go. I'm a student, too, but my daughter is older than your son. I think if she was 3yo, I would take things slower.
You can get gap on the clearance rack cheap. Really cheap. I know some don't like them, ok, I respect that, perhaps you can get them secondhand. They have nifty little elastic in the waistband with buttonholes and a set of buttons up in the interior front which are used to adjust the waist. Customized fit, very helpful when you have slim children (they have them in their girls and boys clothing.)
I have a special little one I'm sure is a crystal child. Thanks for starting this discussion, I have learned a lot.
Oh, I can't wait : Mer, "Choose Meeeee, Love Meeeee," Oh, please, I hope it was good on the exam table, I want her to drop him like a hot potato and move in on poor grieving Izzy. Izzy and Mer, the first hot steamy Lesbian couple on prime time TV, now, *that* would be exciting!!!!
Thanx for the welcome
A lot to consider.
Hi, I'm testing myself out here.
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