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For me, summer is clutter hell. My kids are home generating clutter fulltime. All the gear, all the food, all the dishes, I don't want to stifle their creativity, but it makes September seem like a peaceful month.
I feel really bad for poor rural people who don't have an option to shop anywhere else. Fortunately, I live in a wealthy area with a lot of food options open to me. Walmart is a very small store that gets little business because we have nicer options. A half-hour away, they have a super walmart but that area is poorer and more rural. I don't shop at walmart for all the reasons mntioned. I shop at a local family owned whole foods store when I can. I am starting to buy...
My second was over a pound lighter than my first, you should eat a healthy diet and be careful about sugars, but don't, please, deprive yourself of food. Oh, yes, both were much larger than normal, too.
I have been having some success with the perception of slowing down time. Time, like everything else, is under the LOA.
Wow, if you can find a place like that (with good employment prospects,) please let the rest of us know.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lingmom Perhaps some background would help... My partner was first a doctor, then after she immigrated to the US with me, (due to unfair immigration laws for gays and lesbians) started over as a nurse's aide, LVN, critical care RN and is now back in medicine - in her third year of residency. I'm sorry you and your dp had to go through that nonsense. I hope you have found a supportive community.
Here's a kid playing Will Farrel playing Shrub. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWdiHtv6T6s
Here, kitty-kitty-kitty. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDXsgvifSpo
I think helping women birth a new life for themselves is very positive and affirming. Focusing upon women's futures and giving them an opportunity to have a full safe dignified life in the future is harmonious with the LOA. I think the women in the shelter will also benefit from you as your focus will be empowering them to embrace a positive life instead of dewlling on the negative. This doesn't negate (excuse the pun,) taking care of business WRT restraining orders and...
I think I may belong here, I'm Christian in that I believe in Jesus, but I believe much of traditional church teachings are based upon patriarchal culture instead of upon Jesus' teachings. I am earthy, too, having some earth-based spirituality that I believe is in harmony with Jesus' teachings as well. I am an equity feminist and believe Jesus was particularly radical in His inclusion of women into his ministry.
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