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Skiied down a glacier. Did the Heimlich maneuver. Saved a baby's life. (long story,) Been arrested during a protest. Debated a US Senator. Have had every thing I've ever written and submitted published. (generally letters to the editor.) Actually eluded the police in a car chase :
What I have A wonderful family The opportunity to go to school The ability to express my thoughts in words My health And an awesome jet boat What I should dump About 20 pounds Books (seriously) Doubts in myself Any preconceived notions of what my children should be. Clutter What I should have kept More pictures when the kids were little Journals Before and after pictures of rennovation projects Records of my grandparents' stories The recipe for...
I'm new to this thread but my 8yo wants to celebrate summer solstace. I'm thinking about salmon on the grill with grilled colorful veggies. Someone said bread, like a really good multi grain bread. I was thinking about berrying with her that day and making strawberry pie (very naughty, I'll share the recipe if anyone wants it.) and stay up (and out,) 'till dark and light some candles into the evening. How about music recommendations?
Money no object, No college debt, Nice house, I would be able to buy a small car and only use the SUV when I really need it. All organic, humanely raised, hormone free foods.
I think the teacher-expert approach would work well. From someone who was abused as a kid, yes, it would have been taken out on me, but if I had one person stand up for me, it would have been worth it. My sister had a neighbor take her aside and tell her that he didn't believe she should be treated that way, apparently one message like that can make all the difference in a child's life. She got that one message, I didn't. In our case, it made a huge difference in her...
My husband stuck those straight pins that hold mens dress shirts in the packaging into a cloth heart that my daughter had made and I had hung on the curtain rod (half curtain.) unbeknowest to me. I was walking my baby and stopped by the window and she took a handful of pins and put them into her mouth. I don't know how I got them out of her mouth before she had swallowed any of them but I still feel faint at the mere thought of that incident.
Because of many of these mentioned issues I have found myself buying groceries nearly every day. If my kids like it, it gets eaten quickly and I do try to only have good stuff in the house it gets expensive or one child pigs out. I don't know how people shop once/week, I can't go more than every other day. I am too easygoing to crack down on them especially over food issues because I have deep rooted from my childhood food issues.
I think it will be good to get a serious discussion started. In my world, no one deserves a seven figure salary.
I just had someone recommend it to me. I would love to have a small freelance career.
About 10 and they get washed with each use.
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