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Not exactly a yard sale but...A local town sets up a flea market and festival for Labor Day. Many houses put out their garage sale items, some sell crafts and there are many antique dealers set up. We were camped at a friends selling our crafts. The area we were selling from was set up right by the street and we were sitting behing our little table and rack. People would come look at our stuff and then wander through the rest of the yard! They examined the blankets hanging...
We grill everything! Meat, bread all kinds of veggies. Tomatoe slices grilled on one side, flipped and sprinkled with mozz or parm cheese are delicious! Corn on the cob can be grilled in the husks or out. We also do a lot of ham/chicken salad, gazpacho, sandwhiches, wraps or pitas. Lots of fresh veggies and salads.
Sure chemer, pm me.
I don't get the "legal concerns". What could they possibly mean? Our LLL group has done this for years. We've always made up hospital packets of literature including a meeting notice. They don't give them instead of formula bags but they do give them. We also donate Womanly Art of Breastfeeding books to be in each OB room. We have a small rural hospital so this is doable for us. We also apply for and get a United Way grant each year that funds these packets and other...
Healthy baby bounty bags. There are on sale right now, buy one at 1.99 get one free. Pretty cheap. Mostly it's full of freebies but there is a card with proper latch on it. You could use these and then add a booklet or more info. http://www.cottonwood-kids.com/index.i
Quote: Originally Posted by Viola You don't yadda yadda sex! I've yadda yadda yadda'd sex!
You would likely be incredibly uncomfortable by the first night. Your body can't just go from nursing 8 times a day to nothing. Hand expression is an option though. Sounds like you realize you're not quite ready to be away so long. Maybe a day trip or one night outing would be a good way to get away though.
Just make sure to nurse 8-12 times every 24 hours. So one longer (5-6 hrs) stretch of sleep is okay as long as you are nursing frequently the rest of the time. Congratulations on the birth of your baby and making it to 6 weeks breastfeeding?
WIC doesn't use vax records as ID. They check to make sure the children they serve are up to date because WIC is a public health service. Many WIC offices are associated with local health departments and they offer vaccines at low or no cost. You know how important vaccines are to public health They may be big on vaccines but they will likely take your word that you don't vax for personal reasons and move on.
I'm so sorry, I cannot imagine what you are going through. Couldn't read and not post.
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