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I'm sorry to hear about your FIL's diagnosis.
Sure thing here you go.... http://www.do2learn.com/ Just click on the green picture card button. I haven't looked around at anything else yet. Dd1 can talk but unless you are signing or she's watching your face she isn't listening. I hope that they help you too.
Thank you! I found a site that has the pictures printable for free. I'm going to start putting things together tonight after we get through the bedtime routine. We will start putting them to use tomorrow.
hasanyone made a visual/picture set of household rules for their SN and/or NT kids? I have one (NT) who can do basic reading and one (possible aspie) who need some discipline work (big time) and a fresh start with household rules. I'm just getting the last of my brain fog cleared and seeing everything in a new light, let alone finally able to follow through. Any advice? TIA
Dd2 can throw me for a loop too. I've come to suspect that she isn't a fan of conflict, for lack of a better way to put it. She is her clingiest when Dd1 is in a rampage. Dd2 is starting to understand that if things are going to calm down then there are times when momma has to leave her and deal with Dd1. She'll either watch a movie while playing with toys or go bug Ds, Dh or who ever else is floating around. But, yeah she is kind of clingier then the other two were...
Thank you for your input on this. I decided on a whim a few days ago to go GF I'm really surprised at how drastically different I feel. Dh has even clearly noticed the difference. It's really weird in a way. I feel awesome but it's just such a drastic change that this is going to take some getting used to. I've basically decided to stay GF. I'm watching to see what all this ends up effecting. I'm also thinking about getting my Dd1 (SN kiddo) on the GF diet since...
I'm sorry Finch!
I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound like I was criticizing you. I'm a momma to two accident prone kiddos. May dad has gone so far as to half jokingly suggest that I duct tape a helmet on the worst of the two since she has a thing for head injuries that require ER trips. : My brother had a thing for stitches I swear. Any time he fell he'd have to go to the ER for stitches. I'm not sure how he found the stuff to get gashed up on but he would and all he had to do was...
will she walk around with a pair of sandals on? The might help buffer any bumps so that it doesn't bother her wo much but also that way the toe can get plenty of air to heal with that extra buffer to shack on things instead of the toe. KWIM? I understand the reason for using the bandaide but it might also be keeping moisture where you want it to dry a little and toughen.
lots of clear liquids is my first thought. Dairy will only stuff you up more. Make some home made broth and sip on that it will get lots of good things into you and will be better then just water. Echinacea will get your immune system going as well. Dh and I swear by it, especially after it saved me from a nasty tooth infection that I couldn't get anyone to treat. HTH
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