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not a clue here! Wish I knew though since I am dealing qith this in two of my three kids. We just plan ol' can't go out in the summer. :
OK I'm *Really* curious right now. I have FAP/GS which I have heard roughly equated to Crohn's (in the fact that it can cause digestion issues and the treatments if you go the surgical route can really mess with your body). through reading I know that there is a possible link between Crohn's and Celiac problems. And through reading I know that there is a though going that there could be a link between Celiac and Autism. But I just (literally!) read something that...
My brother had an accident that cost him a big toe nail when he was about five. It took a long time for it to grow back in. It looked weird at first but once it had fully grown in and long enough to be trimmed a couple of times it look like the rest of his toenails again. Other then that my mom didn't do anything special beyond making sure he didn't repeat the damage.
Quote: Originally Posted by feest its gauged perfect....and my stitches are wonderful i seriously spent an insane amount of time recounting my stitches and checking the pattern (probably why it took over a week to get to where i was ) it is perfect but like 10 sizes too big for me..... if i knew a giant amazon woman i'd just keep right on knitting and give it as a gift...any amazon women here.. from what i calculate i'm looking for a woman approx 7ft tall...
So cute! And the purse is cute too. Your kids are adorable!
Quote: Originally Posted by mommyddeville Um, maybe in your dresser? Tell him it's clothing (sweaters, socks, etc) in training. Oh, that is a priceless answer! I'm going to have to keep that in mind if I ever get the chance to order a bunch of stuff with out Dh knowing.
All I have to say about Brooklyn is Wow!!! Must get butt loads of pictures up on my drab little blog now. :
I'm right there with you. I knit the medium since I usually go for large sized things (due to nursing) and we are in the process of weaning so soon I'm not going to need to have to have that access. And Came to discover that I could put two of me in the darn thing and there was no way that neck line was going to keep my boobs covered (won't mention the view of my belly button!). I had to frog it completely and start from scratch a size lower. I'm getting kind of...
I haven't tried them, but I have seen a lot about them. It kind of smacks of the latest health fad to me. I've been waiting to hear from anyone I know, KWIM?
Well here are links to Australian sheperds and Australian Cattle dogs If you want to get even more confused technically our Australian cattle dog/ lab mix is a Australian stumpy tailed cattle dog/ lab mix. We just round it down to what I said in my first post since the stumpy tails were the predecessors to the standard cattle dogs. The stumpy tails are just basically tailless (born that way), so you get to keep your knee caps when they are happy (the butt wiggles...
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